Beesy have answers to all your daily issues.

Discover how you can change things!


Beesy have answers to all your daily issues. Discover how you can change things!

Zero learning with your Beesy smart assistant

A personal assistant to help you manage your activity and your team on a daily basis 

Beesy offers artificial intelligence with a chatbot that understands what you say in natural language. It consolidates all important information of your business. It analyzes and structures your data to make it easier to find. Use Beesy’s Artificial Intelligence to manage all your activity, with no effort and no learning!

An up-to-date mailbox

Track your important emails and don’t forget anything

We spend more than 3 hours each day processing information from our mailbox, with more or less important emails to manage our activity. The mailbox is an essential tool in daily work. How to make it more productive?

With Beesy, transform your emails into tasks for better monitoring of important emails and very easily find your information on your strategic subjects.

Digitize and manage your meeting notes

Save 30 minutes per meeting

62 meetings per month, more or less 1000 hours per year in the meeting room, without including the time spent managing their actions!

Beesy allows you to make your meetings more productive and save time in managing your decisions and action plans:

  • Send your report in less than 1 minute
  • No more extra work to create action plans in Excel or a meeting minute by email. Everything is automated
  • Easily manage your meeting action plans progress

manage my meetings

Track my actions and décisions

Stop forgetting things and be on time in your task, project and activity

Beesy is a task and project management application that helps you following your activity progress very easily 

  • Organize your activity: Beesy collects all important information in a single digital workspace, structured by goal and projects
  • Manage your projects according to the urgency and the importance, and the type of action
  • Organize yourself by structuring your actions plan within project and goal
  • Manage actions plan achievement in real time by project
Organize my actions

Share priorities and decisions with my team

Reduce collaborative overload in Team working

Beesy centralizes all the information useful for achieving your goals in a a all-in-one tool

  • Share information with your team, sharing your workspaces
  • Streamline communication by monitoring the progress of your projects in real time without email
  • An autonomous and empowered team around common goals

Manage actions and the progress of the team

Drive the Team Members actions plan progress

Make sure everyone shares the same goals

Beesy allows you to monitor both your projects but it is also an essential tool for managing your employees.

  • Define clear objectives for your employees: easily delegate your tasks and define priorities
  • Follow in real time all the team members’ action plans on all their projects
  • Manage your one-to-one meetings and your goal tracking

A better visibility of your activity

With Beesy, customize your dashboards to visualize the reports you need in order to make informed decisions in real time and follow the progress of your projects

  • Dashboard for planning and monitoring your activity
  • Dashboards with graphical view of the weather forecast for your projects and the team members activity
  • Automated on-demand activity reports

Share priorities and decisions

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Available on iPhone, iPad, iWatch and Web, Beesy works seamlessly across all major devices
to keep your actions in sync.

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