Managing priorities, need more insights?

You are already organized: you made your To-Do list, defined your tasks priorities and urgency and set deadlines…

  • “It is a good start, but how to optimize this ever growing list? ”
    You don’t want to spend hours to manage it.
  • “What if you could have daily and weekly summaries to streamline your organization. “
  • “Your list is too long, it is hard to make sense of your priorities. “

Would a visual representation help grasp the overall picture? An efficient reporting tool will help you in your tasks management.

Daily reporting – set your daily pulse

You don’t always need to work with your whole To-Do list all day long. On the contrary, it can distract you, even if you have set your priorities.
Every day, you need to extract a short-list of tasks which usually contain 3 to 5 actions (3 high priority, and one or two other less important, but easier to achieve).Each morning, Beesy send you a daily extract of your tasks for the day. You don’t even have to connect to Beesy.
You will also have a list of overdue actions, to quickly identify risks on your action plans and eventually reschedule them.

During the day you just use this mini-list. Using this tracking report, it has never been easier to regularly update your To-Do list!

save 15 minutes per meeting

Weekly reporting – Plan your week

With a To-Do list getting longer every day, you need to review it on a weekly basis to make sure you keep it under control. Monday morning is usually the best time.
With Beesy Pro, each monday you will receive a summary of your activity and progress for your projects and resources.
At a glance, you will have an overview:

  • Completed actions by project and resources.
  • Overdue actions, and TOP 5 late resources.
  • So it is easy to quickly identify project risks or overloaded resources.

Take this time to also plan next week with the report:

  • Check opened actions par project or resource.
  • Understand where you planned to spend your time.
  • Book time in your agenda to work on them.

You can also plan a significant results to achieve this week :
Close a deal with a customer, write the next chapter of a book, finish a new slideshow… Using Beesy deadlines is a good way to challenge your project progress.

save 15 minutes per meeting

Visual reporting – Project or action plan scheduling

Most of the time, mid-term planning of your tasks is best done with a visual tool.
It helps your brain get a clear view on the overall picture while still being able to zoom in on details.
Planning is then just a matter of scheduling actions based one your goals and task durations.
Many times, we tend to overload ourselves with top priority actions. More overload mean more stress and the unsettling feeling to constantly be late.
Looking at your timeline should help you relieve the pressure.A time-based table will help solving this issue.
The Beesy timeline option allows you to easily visualize all planned tasks and deadlines for a project.

Each task can be linked to resources and due dates.
Easy to use, quick to update, and instantly understandable by experts as by novices, this visual representation of your To-Do list let you quick identify overloaded days and resources and evaluate risks on your projects.

It is an efficient way to work your daily To-Do list and to take quick decisions.
With those 3 reporting tools, it’s never been easier to stay organized all along.

save 15 minutes per meeting

With these 3 reporting tools, Beesy helps you to face up your challenge to stay organized in the long term and not to drop your To-Do list after a few weeks of use.

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