Pro: Notes & Recurring meetings

How does it work ?

Many Beesy users told us that they were having the same type of meeting on a recurring basis, discussing the same agenda with the same participants.
You won’t need to type everything again! Simply click on the “From a previous note” button to speed up the process and gain more time. Beesy will create a new note automatically and will retrieve all the topics and participants from the existing note you selected.

Create a new note

We have designed a seamless workflow to facilitate the monitoring of your actions, Beesy allows you to create a note from an already existing note, change the name and save it.
Whenever you tap on the “+” button in the Notes tab, Beesy will now let you choose between adding a new note or creating one for a former note.

note taking techniques

Create a following note

Once you clicked on the “From a previous note” button, Beesy will display the list of your notes
You will be able to browse this list to find the one you want to duplicate or use the search feature at the top of the list (scroll down the list to make it appear).
Search will enable you to further filter the list and find the correct note much faster.

note taking techniques

Select your previous note

You just created a note from an existing note, Beesy will let you change its title, the project to which it is assigned as well as the note language. By default, Beesy will use the configuration defined for the meeting you selected.

note taking techniques

Browse your following notes

You can go back and check the previous completed actions and return to the current note. After creating your new note you will be able to send to all participants, an automatic report.

note taking techniques

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