Reach the moon with your team!

Team working is the best way for a company to reach mid and long-term goals: it generates more ideas, develop synergies and spread tasks based on people’s skills.

As we say, United We stand, Divided We Fall and developing teamwork is not always easy. You need some tools to empower people and boost their motivation while sharing common goals.

Hell is not other people: use a collaborative tool to create a team dynamic.

Why choose a collaborative solution?

  • Quickly communicate and share information with in-house or external resources,
  • Develop your team autonomy,
  • Find any information from any device on the go,
  • Save time by quickly managing projects in real time,
  • Develop performance by increasing interactivity.


The lack of communication is one of the first roadblock to efficient team working.
External and in-house team members need to be aware of projects progress on a regular basis.

How to do it

Create a project in Beesy and share it with the concerned people.
Each meeting note, task, decision and document concerning this project will automatically be made available to the whole team with no delay.
Important information will no longer stay in someone’s head or laptop, everyone will be able to instantly be informed and track their tasks. All of this is achieved without a single email with all the team in CC.

Information transparency and quality helps bringing the team together and better interact with the outside world.
For instance, it can help you improve your communication to customers and increase their loyalty: being able to instantly keep your customer informed and up-to-date on your common project is a major customer satisfaction improvement.

save 15 minutes per meeting


You can further improve the autonomy of your team members by empowering them to directly interact with the team and be responsible for their actions.
Since your project is now visible to all, the common action plan is shared across the team. Each team member knows what he’s responsible for and all the team knows he took the ownership on part of the plan.

How to do it

Sharing your project with Beesy let you define dedicated work space where the information is broadly available. Much more than email loops, Beesy provides you with a solution where each team member interacts with the action plan, updates and improves it so that in the end the whole team benefit from it. Communication is smoother, helping the team achieve more by focusing on doing instead of finding the right information.

Everyone in the team now can easily adapt to the team schedule and track the project progress in real time.
With accurate and real-time information on your projects, you can make your decisions faster and avoid stuck action plans.

save 15 minutes per meeting


Collaborating is acting together towards the same goal by sharing ideas with each others and improving on ideas from others.

A collaborative tool is an easy way to manage the content creation, storage and updates of all this process. It can easily include distant or field people in the process as well, so that anyone can access the latest information available on the action plan.

How to do it

Using collaboration in an organization is thus a great way to capitalize on knowledge and share it across the organization. team let you access, edit and share the content in a common workspace for everyone involved. Anyone can easily search, browse and download the latest information available.

The right information is accessible in the project view. The information is not spread in mailboxes anymore, it is shared and available at any time.
No more need to search through emails for the latest revision of a document, or the last meeting minutes.
Any information is visible and easily accessible, even in mobility.

save 15 minutes per meeting


A collaborative tool let your team be more autonomous.
But it doesn’t mean you don’t need to track the progress of your action plans.
So you need an aggregated view of project that consolidate all the decisions and actions defined during meetings, identify the progress of these actions according to their priority or subject, and help you prepare your one-on-one or team meetings.

How to do it

By consolidating every actions, information and decisions inside a Beesy team project, any member of the team will be able to update in real time its actions and their achievements.

No more running around to get feedbacks from everybody to finalize a project review, everything is in one place in Beesy, always up-to-date. In a single click, you can export a Project report and send it to prepare your recurrent project review in a breeze.

save 15 minutes per meeting


The Beesy collaborative management solution goes much beyond communication management and information sharing. By helping save time on tracking, follow-up and communication, it will enable to spend more time with the team to explore creative ways to solve the remaining action points.

How to do it

For instance, brainstorming sessions will help develop and enhance ideas, in a much more efficient way than a classical project review session. They can rely on collaborative boards where everyone can visually interact with sticky notes, add suggestions, comment ideas. In the ned, it helps sort, sharpen and priorize the action plan.
At the end of the process, take a picture and include this brainstorm to your Beesy project. This way you can keep the results of your real collaborative work and implement its tracking inside Beesy.

It will also help you improve sharing of ideas and skills within the organization. No more need to look for the information or who has it: team members can get in touch directly with the one with the knowledge.

save 15 minutes per meeting

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