Visual Management : take notes directly in your visual reports

January 24, 2023

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Create or update your meeting notes, directly from your activity tracking Reports

At the same time as you track your KPIs on a project, you can update the action plan of your meetings, and follow the progress directly on your reports.

You can also create a new meeting note to define the actions to be taken to be up to date on your projects.

This feature can also be useful during your individual points with your collaborators. You can both use the visual management of your dashboards and create an individual point note to define your objectives and your action plan.

Customized and collaborative Reports

For your collaborative projects or your individual points, create activity monitoring reports and share it with the team.

First, create a custom report by adding the important widgets for your business, then share this dashboard with your team.

You can see all shared reports through the share icon in your report list

To view all the reports that will be shared, you can access them directly in the “manage my reports” menu.

2 possibilities:

  • Deploy a shared report to view the same report as the whole team
  • Or use a shared report as a template, and customize it to your needs


And still other evolutions, like

  • The possibility of selecting several templates in the creation of your meeting notes
  • The improvement of some features, such as scrolling on the project or note page…


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