How I got out of the hell of my daily To-Do list!

To-Do list can quickly become a mess.
To help me keep it clear, I set a few rules and implemented them using Beesy.

1. Quickly Identify urgent and important actions

A good To-Do list is not a shopping list. When we communicate with colleagues, partners or clients, each request seems urgent.
It is potentially true, but maybe not. Without priority, nothing is really important and everything becomes urgent.
An effective To-Do list is above all a prioritized view of what you need to do.

You should ask yourself :

« What do I need to do first? Is this action important? What is the impact if I do not do that? How many time will it take? »
Then you will be able to define priorities.

In Beesy, when you add an action, you define its importance through the Beesy color code:

  • Red: Urgent and important, actions that really need to be done!
  • Green: Important but non urgent, not the first thing to do in the morning but definitely in my weekly radar screen to anticipate
  • Yellow: Urgent but non important, to delegate if it is possible or to say no to
  • Grey: non urgent and non important, actions you can postpone with no impacts
save 15 minutes per meeting

2. Structure your actions according the duration

To be really efficient, it is important to understand the duration of your actions, for exemple: “send a mail to “X”: 3 minutes”, “write a document “Z”: 25 minutes”… If you end up with one hour left before a meeting, it is then very easy to find the actions you have time to finish.

In Beesy, when I add an action, I can set its type : email, call… That allows you to identify its duration. If an action is too long, I split it in several smaller actions. This method will help you not procrastinate when facing larger actions.

If your To-Do list keeps getting bigger, do not worry about the degree of urgency and importance of each action: bend the rules and do the quickest ones to start unpiling the list.

3. Work your To-Do list using the focus mode

Because I am more efficient in the morning, I have to do important and urgent actions when I arrive at work. Then I organize my work according to my priorities, using the Beesy project view.

save 15 minutes per meeting

4. Regularly update your To-Do list

If you want your To-Do list to become a real business tool, it needs to be up-to-date!
You need to spend a few minutes every day or every week to check the overdues and make sure you do not let some important actions lay behind.
Mobility is also key to manage and update your To-Do list so that you are able to change anything anytime anywhere: update an action, add a task… I can manage that using Beesy on iPhone.
And in addition, I really like being able to tick off my tasks as the day goes!

save 15 minutes per meeting

5. Define your daily To-Do

The morning is a key moment of your day.
I consider it as a pulse that sets the day’s “tone”.
Because the first hour is the moment when willpower is at its top.
Personnaly, I browse my To-Do list every morning to check my achievement, to identify the day’s priorities and to define my schedule. I consult my daily mail sent by Beesy or I directly check my dashboard to identify my actions and their priorities.

save 15 minutes per meeting

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