Achieve your goals with your Teams

Beesy an AI-powered Collaborative Solution
to plan, organise, collaborate and track your work and teamwork in one single place


Achieve your goals with your Teams

Beesy an AI-powered Collaborative Solution
to plan, organise, collaborate and track your work and teamwork
in one single place

Smart virtual assistant - Collaborative Tool

Manage everything in one workplace

A unique solution to manage your daily work :

  • meetings
  • emails
  • tasks and priorities
  • goals and plans
  • team members
smart virtual assistant

Save time in your daily workflow

an AI-powered Smart assistant to help you in your activity follow-up.

Directly from your usual tools (mail, instant messaging, Onenote…) :

  • Create your action plans
  • Visualize your actions of the day, the week for you, a team member or a project
  • Prepare your project meetings or your one-to-one meetings…
Smart virtual assistant - Collaborative tool

Visualize your activity at a glance

Gain key insights across multiple view and reports of your activity :

  • Customizable activity reporting according to your filters
  • Project and goal Weather
  • Automatic Project exports
  • Professional meeting minutes
  • One-to-one meetings management
Smart virtual assistant - Beesy and Microsoft Teams

Supercharge your Microsoft tools

Fully integrated within Microsoft TEAMS to go one step further in collaboration

  • in Teams, automatly consolidate all action plans, notes and information by person and project for each chat or team
  • in Outlook, turn your important emails into a task
  • in Onenote, transform your meeting notes in a structured and manageable action plan

Beesy Beesy

your All-in-one Solution to improve your daily work

Note taking, Tasks follow up and tacking, Plan activity, Project management and Teamwork

Reduce time spent in emails

Reduce time spent in EMAILS

with an up-to-date mailbox and important emails tracking

Note taking for 100% efficient Meeting

Run MEETINGS more efficiently

with professionnal Note taking and actions plan follow-up

Task and project managment

Manage your TASK and PROJECT

Stop forgetting things and be on time in your task, project and activity


Streamline your TEAMWORK

Decrease collaborative overhead

how to Manage your Team

Manage your TEAM MEMBERS

Drive the Team Members actions plan progress

Custom reportings

Get a better VISIBILITY of your work

Simplify Task and project management with custom reporting

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Easy to implement

An Artificial Intelligence to organize and track your work directly in the tools you already use

The AI-powered smart assistant Beesy is available on your usual tools to interact directly with your Beesy activity management platform.

Tell it in natural language what you want : create, plan, report or consolidate all important information of your business. The Beesy smart assistant analyzes and structures your data to make it easier to find and manage.

Use Beesy’s Artificial Intelligence to manage all your activity in your daily tools, with no effort and no learning!

Works with:

Beesy Tools Integration

Beesy & Microsoft Teams

Integrate Beesy to your Microsoft Teams to go further in the management of your objectives and collaborative work


Teams brings people, conversations and content together to collaborate more easily.

Beesy consolidates all action plans and information, meeting notes by person, project and objective.

Their complementarity will save you time in managing your objectives and collaborative work.

Leading Campanies are already getting things done with Beesy


“The most critical issue I was facing in my job at the time I commenced using Beesy was organizing the many demands of my position and my workload into a clear, concise and visual set of actions. I love the ability to combine actions, notes, messages, etc in one place…”

Michael N.


“Beesy is a very fast way to write and handle meeting notes and thoughts. I use a Livescribe pen too. It is very easy to write some words and actions and ideas and questions on paper and have it automatically organized in Beesy. After that i can quickly send an email to all my Coworkers…”

Heinz N.

Project Engineer

“Outstanding! I wish I would have discovered this app years ago. In that time I have researched and purchased dozens or so organizational tools and have been disappointed with all of them for one reason or another. This is the first app that actually challengers good managers to be better!…”

Jim B.

CTO, Avec Tact


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Beesy Beesy

Access for anywhere

Available on iPhone, iPad, iWatch and Web, Beesy works seamlessly across all major devices
to keep your actions in sync.

smart virtual assistant

Tracted Actions

Digitalized Notes

Managed Projects

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