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June 10, 2021
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June 2021

You can now format your note-taking!

  • Modify the alignment and colors of your texts.
  • Add images, links or charts in your meeting notes.
  • Create links, organized or not, in your tasks.
  • Import Excel charts using copy and paste.

With this new Beesy version, you can customize all your actions.

Format your actions text

When your are editing your actions, you can now access a taskbar allowing you to customize the formatting of your notes:

  • Bold, italic, underline, strikethrough
  • Text color as well as background color
  • Create lists
  • Text alignment, indentation
Mise en forme des Notes de réunion

Tip #1:

Bouton mise en forme par défaut   Use the “Remote font style” button to return to your default layout

Tip #2 :

Bouton undo  You can now use “Redo” or “Undo” buttons to cancel or restore your last action

Insert charts that are directly visible in your actions

You can now directly create charts in your action editor or simply copy and paste your chart from your spreadsheet (Excel, Google Sheet)

Pros of this new feature:

    • Your charts are directly visible in your notes and not just in an attached documentVos tableaux sont directement visibles dans vos notes et non en pièce jointe
    • The format of your Excel or Google Sheet charts remains unchanged when copying and pasting
Copying and pasting doesn’t integrate formulas but only values of your charts
Tableau excel dans Beesy

Small tip: for charts with an important size, favor the attachment mode. Otherwise, your charts may be cut off in your final meeting minutes and won’t properly show up in the display of your action.

Use the “%” at the bottom right corner to identify the size of your chart. Do not go over 100%.

Insert images directly visible in your actions 

You can now insert and reshape images directly in your actions.

Pros of this new feature:

    • Like your charts, your images are directly visible in your notes and notes and not just an attached document
    • You can reshape images so that they can be the right size in your actions and exports
Ajout Image dans Beesy

Insert links in your actions

You can now insert hypertext links within the content of your actions.

This feature can be useful to associate Beesy with your different internal tools:

  • Document-sharing tool
  • Dashboard and reporting tool
Ajout Image dans Beesy

Export your meeting notes in final meeting minutes that will keep your customized formatting.

Export de compte-rendu de reunion

Those features are all available in any Beesy tab for any type of action as well as all your note and project templates.

For instance, you can create:

  • Complete roadmaps with Excel charts to be filled out by your commercial teams to monitor customer KPI’s
  • Audit sheets for your consulting teams…
  • Assessment templates for your employees
  • Forms
  • Checklists to manage your operations

These new features are a true boost to simplify your internal process and make your teams save time in the application of your business workflow.

Would you like a demo? Or would you like to interact with us on how to implement templates applied to your business? Contact us!




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