Pro: Note Templates

You have several meetings per week with a similar agenda or scenario?
Beesy is well-known to be the perfect tool for your single or recurring business meetings.

Using Beesy, you can now save more time using your own Note templates.


Take the time to prepare them in order to quickly deploy and save time before every meetings.
Some example of recurrent meetings::

  • A sales discovery meeting including a list of questions to ask
  • An audit plan framework to make sure you d’ont forget anything
  • Organize and manage your executive committees

Once you subscribed to our Beesy Pro service, you can create unlimited note templates and use them through your Web access, your iPad or iPhone apps.

Creating your first note templates

Access to the feature

Notes templates have to be created on your Web interface and most important you need to subscribe to Beesy Pro option.

Click on your initials in the top right corner of your online account. You’ ll access the account menu.
Then, click on “My Templates”.

Note Templates
Note Templates

Create your first Note Template

  • Click on the “+” button
  • Enter your Note Template title
  • You can assign a specific project or leave it in the Default Project
  • Press “Create”

Organize your Note Template

The interface builder is the same as the Taking Note.
That allows you to:

  • Create topics (ie: Topic 1)
  • Create actions (Tasks, Comments, Risks, …)
  • Add attachments
  • Assign actions to co-workers

The only big difference is the action due date.
Due date is now calculated in time difference to the time at which you’ll create your note from this template..

For exemple:

  • You put 3 days for a task
  • If you deploy the template the May 14th, the task due date will be the 17th
Note Templates

Create your first Note Template

How to deploy your Notes Templates

Once you have create your templates, you will be able to use them to create your note.
Be aware that you need to synchronize them on your iPad and iPhone apps.

From the Web

Note Templates
Notes Templates
Notes Templates

From the iPad & iPhone

Notes Templates
Note Templates
Note Templates

The result

Note Templates

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