Sales efficiency managed and optimized with Beesy

Manage your sales processes, manage your customers and track your bookings.

A complete and structured vision of your sales representatives’ activities

Organize your one-to-one meetings with your sales representatives with a complete overview of the actions to be carried out per customer and per project.

Manage the progress of actions in real time to control your sales forecasts.

Beesy for Sales Manager

Support the efficiency of your sales representatives

Beesy for Sales Manager

Standardize your customer speeches by creating meetings templates. For example, make sure that during discovery meetings your sales representatives identify all the issues and thus carry out an in-depth qualification of your customers’ expectations. To do this, create your meetings templates containing all the elements to be completed ans its standard procedure. 

Optimize and standardize your processes and selling techniques, by creating projects templates by sales stage with your customers :
Discovery – Closing – Customer loyalty

To ensure that your sales representatives always use the latest versions of presentation documents, simply add your documents into your Beesy templates. They will be automatically available to all your sales representatives.

Capitalize on all good practices: update your templates at any time. They will be instantly shared to the teams.

Track your bookings et manage your commercial operations

In 1 click, identify all actions to be done in order to close a deal: the actions in your team or in another entity. Make sure that each collaborator and all action are in line with your booking.

Track the result of your prospecting campaigns and of your special offers: number of appointments or calls made, visibility of customer feedback, and so on.

Beesy for Sales Manager
Beesy for Sales Manager

Manage customer communication and increase their satisfaction

Your sales representatives use Beesy to take their meeting notes. As soon as the meeting is over, in a few clicks, a professional meeting minutes is ready to be sent to your customer.

But above all, you have a detailed action plan on expectations, needs and customer planning to manage your project internally.

Satisfied customers, thanks to the management of customer expectations in Beesy: nothing is forgotten anymore. Everything is controlled!

Manage your customers with an updated CRM – Customer Relationship Management

Beesy for Sales Manager

Have a complete overview of all the actions in progress with a client.

For each customer, easily find all the context elements of all your meetings in Beesy, but also in your CRM. No need to retype all information in your CRM, Beesy offers you an option to automatically update it from all your sales representatives’ customer appointments.

A change in customer allocation: no more information is lost! Less red tape for your sales representatives.

Discover Beesy to simplify your daily life and that of your sales representatives

Focus your sales representatives on their business, simplifying their administrative tasks: a customer meeting, a single tool to manage meeting minutes, the action plans and the automatic update of your CRM. A time saving also for you and your managers: you have a complete and real-time vision of your Pipe (“Private Investment in Public Equity”), the actions to be done and the management of your customers.

Activity Dashboard


Track the progress of your customer projects, team action plans and commercial operations

Activity Dashboard

Client Management

Manage all your customer exchanges – Optimize communication with your customers – Track your relationship history

Activity Dashboard

Access to your information even on the move

Access information about your team or customers even on the move, even without an Internet connection

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