Survey: iPad & organization at work

December 10, 2014

Dear users,

We have compiled a small subset of the results from our latest user survey : iPad & organization at work.
We wanted to share those results with you as they help define the priorities we’re currently working on.
If you did not have a chance to fill the survey, you can still spend less than 5 minutes to do it, it will help us get more accurate results.


A wide audience working in every industry

Off course, France is a bit over-represented within our panel as we started the company there.
Aside from that, it somehow reflects the AppStore economics for the western countries:
– US
– UK
– Germany
– France
– AustraliaAlthough we tried to improve our coverage of the spanish market in the last 3 months, we have a smaller number of respondents there.
We also lack coverage in Asia with very few respondents in Japan, China and South Korean, despite localization available for the first 2. We would be very much interested in getting feedbacks from this region to understand if it is simply a matter of country coverage or a matter of business processes being so different that Beesy is not adapted to the way of doing things in those countries.
Eventually, we also lack coverage in the BRIC countries, although we have been translating Beesy in portuguese for the Brazilian and Portuguese market.
If you live in one of those region do not hesitate to answer our survey, it is still live and open. If not but did not fill in the survey, you can do it as well.

In terms of activity sector where taking notes and manage tasks seems important, 4 of them are prominent, but without a huge lead over the rest:
– Education management
– Business Supplies and Equipment
– Computer & Network security
– Government administration / relations.

Those 4 sectors account for 37% of our feedbacks at the moment.
The good news is that 16 sectors account for 90% of our feedbacks, making of Beesy a note taking and desk managment solution that can be used in a wide variety of environment.

Beesy - iPad & organization at work

Country of respondents

Beesy - iPad & organization at work

Activity sector


Organization at work: 75% of you are saving more than 15 minutes a day

Most of you who are using Beesy manage a large number of project: 56% of our users who answered the survey are managing more the 5 projects at the same time, while 29% are managing more than 10.
Task follow-up and the ability to track down things per project becomes a necessity in such a context.It might explain why most of you are highlighting huge benefits in using Beesy everyday: 75% of you are saving at least 15 minutes a day by using Beesy, which is a huge productivity gain. It is more than 1 hours saved every week. Beesy allows a better organization at work.
For 37% of you, the efficiency boost is even higher as you save more the 30 minutes a day by using Beesy. It is more than 5% efficiency boost for a 10 hours-long day.
Beesy - iPad & organization at work

Number of managed projects

Beesy - iPad & organization at work

Saved time per day using Beesy

Getting to the desktop

We had a look at a few of your requirements and started with synchronization issues.
What appears is that it is of utmost importance for you to be able to access your current data from within the App and push it outside as well.While Calendars and contacts are part of Beesy since day one, your requirement for Reminders / Tasks synchronization is as high as the one for the calendar synchronization.
It is a good news for us that Beesy 1.5x will be just all about this.In terms of note taking, most of you value the ability to take notes in a structured manner and being able to send instant meeting minutes from within the App. The handwriting is somehow only important to 50% of you, while only 5% of you are making this a mandatory feature.
Off course, this is probably impacted by the nature of Beesy itself, being a “typing” app much more than a handwriting one. Still, we’re very much interested in knowing your feelings about our drawing tool and the ability to annotate things with your fingertip within Beesy.

As we started to have a look at your devices, it was interesting to see that 90% are using their own personal iPad at work, making the BYOD phenomenon a reality, not just a buzz word.
But contrary to our initial feelings, 70% are using a PC as a desktop computer and not a Mac, probably due to the corporate market using standardized and cheaper PC brand instead of design iMac and MacBook.
When looking at your requirements for the next step for Beesy, it was somehow surprising to see a “small” number of request for an iPhone app (50% important or more) compared to the request for a desktop app. More than 75% of you are requesting such an application, as well as the ability to integrate emails within our task management (more than 80%). Both are somehow connected and they will be our main concern for Beesy 2.0.

Off course, given the very nature of the information you’re adding within Beesy, a back-up service is high in your wish list: more the 80% of you require some back-up service within the App. This will be the first topic we address for early 2013.

Beesy - iPad & organization at work

Synchronization requirements

Beesy - iPad & organization at work

Notes requirements

Beesy - iPad & organization at work

Expected new features

This survey is not over, you can still participate and help us get a finer grasp on your requirements for Beesy.

We will share with you more detail when our survey is over.

Thank you for your help,
Kind regards,
the BeesApps team

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