One of the best organization app for iPad-Beesy the future top GTD app

One of the best organization app for iPad – Beesy, The future top GTD app?

Since Beesy‘s launch, our will is to create and develop the best organization app for iPad in order to help business people wisely manage their time and tasks. Consequently, BeesApps offers a range of tools to improve efficiency of business actors’ results.

The perspective of developing Beesy into a good GTD app in a near future encourage us to develop new ways to organize and ease managers’ work thanks to proven methods:

Eisenhower Matrix is defined as a key element of successful persons, according to the famous book “First Thing First” written by Stephen Covey. This matrix will help you sort out your tasks generated from your notes in order of priority and urgency.
Top-Down analysis tool. This major tool of Beesy provides a great overview of your activity through different points of view. Indeed, our organization app ability to find the best angle to analyse your data – among categories such as persons, projects or even tasks – offers the easiest breakdown analysis of your business time’s repartition.

You now can understand the current situation of your activity and take the best managerial decision. For instance, a manager could check if work is well split up between team members. A project manager could check as well which person has the more tasks and make sure this is under control.
Consequently, you can easily know in real time if you are overloaded by looking at the chart and decide to reallocate tasks among team members. On the opposite side, you can confirm that the work is well distributed and expect to achieve an efficient work with your team.
The best organization app must help you to step back, have a global understanding, analyze and make the best decision. That’s what Beesy do.

best organization app

This reporting tool helps Beesy to be considered as one of the best organization app for iPad on the business app market.
Given the large usage of the GTD method, we decided to plan the implementation of this task classification tool in order to combine it with our existing reporting tool.


Developing into a GTD app ?

As it is said in the David Allen’s book “Getting Things Done”, in time management, the GTD ‘s approach uses two key elements : control and perspective. The main issue of a management process is to control every tasks in the easiest way. It is abvious that in order to control these actions and tasks, you need informations.

Consequently, GTD is originally based on storing, tracking and retrieving all informations in real time, which could be useful in your business road map.

As we said before, the first aim of a reporting tool is to help you to take “pro-active” decisions and have a good view of your business issues at a given point.
GTD app can be considered as a extended memory by recording external facts insofar as the human memory cannot remember the details of where and when we need to do an action or a tasks.

But in practical terms, which improvment do we need, in order to make Beesy be considered as a perfect GTD app?

GTD app
First, Beesy will develop a tool considered as an “inbox” to collect all the datas and informations generated by your business during your day. By datas/infos, we mean every note you want to record during a meeting, in your car, at home or wherever.

Following this, the application will also help you give a context to each one of this data in order to arrange them. This will give a certain logic in your “thoughts ranking” based on the context when you took the note.

Besides these ideas, our team want upgrade our existing system of tag. Being an app which generates automated tags by associating notes with project, persons or tasks, the next step for Beesy will be the development of a customizable system of tag. This will allow the association of notes collected in the “inbox” with a part of you activity. You will choose your tag for your note.

Our new target to be GTD compliant will thus have to improve our current strength to automatically understand the structure of your notes and contexts. It should extend this ability to the GTD workflow.


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