How can I link my iPad and Beesy.me?

Please follow the steps described on the synchronisation page.

Where I can change my email account?

To change your email account, Go To your Beesy.me Account and add your new email adress, then save.
Don’t forget to do the same on your iPad (People Tab).

Where I can manage my notifications emails?

You can manage your email and web notifications on your Beesy.me Account > Seetings > Notifications.
Just click here to a direct link.

Where I can change my password?

To change your password, Go To your Beesy.me Account and add your new password, then save.

I forgot my password?

To change your password, you just need to click on the “you forgot your password” link on the Beesy.me login page.

iPad / iPhone

How can I activate the Reminders

To enable Reminders sync:
– remove all existing Beesy list in your Reminder app
– Configure your exchange/iCloud/Yahoo account to sync Reminders in the Ipad Settings / Mail
– Activate the Reminders sync for each action type you want it:
– switch in landscape mode
– go to the actions tab
– in the left panel, there are several action type
– for each action type, there are:
– an icon – its name – tap the icon and it opens the property box.

Then try to add a new action from the type you decided to sync.

First check in your iPad Reminders if the action is there.

How is everything connected in Beesy?

A. Beesy was built around a powerful and comprehensive workflow, allowing all professionals to manage their daily activities and those of their team from the notes taken during business meetings.

How does it work:
1. Goals, which are the largest containers on Beesy. Goals can contain all the concepts defined below. You can create them in the “Projects tab” (An example of a goal: increase sales this quarter).

2. Projects are a part of the goals, that you want to track in order to achieve the goal. You can assign your projects to a goal and manage several goals within Beesy. You can create them in the “Projects tab” (ex: Sales Training, Marketing Tools Development, Create a Website, etc.)

3. Notes, is the container in which you take your notes during meetings, where you structure your notes with actions, sort them by agenda topics, and assign a participant to an action. These features are available within the “Notes tab”.

3.a Actions, by adding Actions items as you type, you will naturally structure your notes and Beesy will be able to automatically generate To-Do lists for you, with no extra work. Then you may be able to browse actions by project and people. Beesy provides several kind of actions: Task, Event, Photo, Draw, Audio, Web, Call. You can sort your actions by type in the “Actions tab” as well.
3.b Topics, which compose the agenda of your note. They can be prepared in advance for example in the agenda that you created or that you have received.
3.c Participants, who are the people who attended the meeting, and to whom you can assign tasks. How to add participant. You can browse actions by people in the “People tab”.

How to quickly assign participants to actions?

Use the Drag & Drop consistently throughout : inside a note, you can Drag & Drop to assign a participant on to a task. If you have a lot of contacts in your contact list, this is a useful shortcut as participants are more likely to be the owner of an action inside a meeting. Otherwise when you add an action, you can tap on the small icon next to the Due Date and assign a participant from your complete Beesy contact list.

How do I suppress the default words that Beesy automatically adds to my actions?

Beesy automatically adds words for every actions (example : Do for Task action). If you want to change this automatic word, go to the “Actions Tab” and tap on the action type icon to edit its settings. Then you just have to modify the default title property.

What is the default owner in Beesy?

The default owner in Beesy is the owner of the app. It is the one who will be assigned actions by default during your notes. You can change this person in the setting tab > Default owner.

Why everything is not showing in the Dashboard matrix?

The Dashboard matrix is only showing you actions with a due date (task, call), not actions like comments, drawings etc. Moreover, the Dashboard only displays the actions assigned to the current default owner.

How can I sub filter actions for a given view?

Beesy allows you to further filter your actions by « notes, Topic, Project & People », so you get an overview of what was decided in a meeting from one of those tabs: « Actions », « People » and « Projects ».
This filter button is available using the toolbar in the upper-right corner of your app.

Why the People / Project view is not showing every action?

Project / People views only show actions which you decided to “Follow-up”. By default, Comment, Draw, Map, Question, Idea, Customer, and Contact are not included in the list of actions to track. To change this setting, tap on the action icon and set the “Follow-up” switch to YES. This action now appears in the project or people view.



I have issues with my Smartpen

1. Go in the Livescribe+ app
2. Archive your notebook there
3. Open Beesy
4. Go to the Notes tab and press the little pen
5. Assign your notebook to Beesy

To use the Pen then:
1. Write the note title in the header of a page, press 1. Beesy will create a new note each time you write in the header.
2. Then write a paragraph of 1 or more lines.
3. Press 1 to create a comment, 2 to create a task or 3 for sketches
4. Skip one line and start writing another paragraph.

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