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October 24, 2013

Nicolas ASPER – Deputy Head of Department

Discover how Nicolas, Deputy Head of Department in a subsidiary of a large construction group, use Beesy everyday to manage its business and improve its management efficiency by up to 80%.

Can you introduce yourself and your position in your company?

Nicolas ASPER - Deputy Head of DepartmentNicolas ASPER
Profession: Deputy Head of Department, sales and operation position in a subsidiary of a large Construction group in Switzerland (Construction sector – buildings).
Training: Civil Engineer graduated from the Polytechnic School of Lausanne in 1995.
More : I am 42 years old and 17 years of experience in construction (pipe work, project manager, engineering consulting). International experience with 4 years in London.
Technology enthusiast and addicted to Apple products (except the last iPods and iPhone 5…)


In which context do you use the iPad and Beesy for your work?

Nicolas ASPER – I am currently leading a large and exceptional design and construction project. Handling the Project Management, I take all my notes using BEESY. Reports are then sent directly from the App and sometimes reworked to produce a PDF document with annexes. Creating tasks and monitoring is primarily done with this application as well as my calendar management.
In short, 90% of project management is done through BEESY.
I do not have a notebook anymore, I handle each and every meeting with my iPad.

How do you use Beesy and what features are particularly attractive for your own usage?

Nicolas ASPER – From an appointment in my iOS native calendar, I can directly link to the meeting notes with assignments and deadlines and automatically generate the meeting minutes at the end. Tracking tasks is then made much easier as they are already available within the App with no extra configuration.
At the moment, I do not use the classification matrix or the analysis tool.

Why did you choose Beesy rather than another note-taking application?

Nicolas ASPER – Seamless integration and completeness of its functions in the context of my job (Deputy Head of Department).

Can you estimate how much your efficiency improved by using Beesy?

Nicolas ASPER – I divided by 4 to 6 the time spent on reporting and monitoring tasks. For example, writing meeting minutes now takes 10-15 minutes instead of 1-2 hours using the previous workflow (handwritten and word processing).

Based on your usage, would you generalize Beesy in your business and why?

Nicolas ASPER – Yes for the efficiency gains it provides. I systematically train new iPad users on the application.

What does Beesy lack to meet 100% of your business needs?

Nicolas ASPER – Synchronization, sharing and collaboration. At this point, the application remains a personal notebook, it could be more collaborative and socially enabled. Multi-platform and web would be useful as well. Recurrent backup using Dropbox. PDF generation. Dashboard: personal presentation layout without matrix. Iphone Application for simplified management of personal tasks (in particular).

You want to share your experience with us ?

As Nicolas, you use Beesy to manage your daily business and you want to share it, contact-us.

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