Manage your notifications workflow on Beesy Team: How to easily manage your notifications and email reminders

Easily Manage your Notifications

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Let us explain to you how to manage your notifications settings. Beesy allows any user to manage 4 kinds of notifications, and for each Notifications you can setup if you want to send it by email or just on the Web.
Here the list of your Notifications:

  • When you assign an action to a non user
  • When an action is shared and assigned to you
  • When a project is shared with you
  • When a note is shared with you

How to set your notifications?

You can easily choose to receive notifications or not. You only have to enter in your Settings, next select Notifications. Then you just have to check the boxes corresponding to your choices about the different notification types.

Notifications and/or Email Reminders: It is up to you!

Warn non-Beesy users that tasks are waiting for them

Notification n°1: When you assign an action to a non user
Whenever does not detect any valid account associated to an email, it will still notify this contact of potential pending actions assigned to him by you, using an introductory email.
In order to prevent unwanted notifications to non-Beesy users, you can decide for your account if you would like notifications to be sent on your behalf from the platform.
Non-Beesy users are also given the opportunity to disable those notifications directly within the notification email, without creating any account on our platform.

Notification n°2: When an action is shared and assigned to you
As soon as a Beesy user assign to you an action, you can choose if you want to receive it by email and/or on your WebApp.

Manage your notifications

Be updated when a note or a project is shared with you on Team

How does it work?

Notification n°3 and 4: When a project or a note is shared with you
Whenever a Team user shares with you a note or a project, you will automatically be updated within your account so that you don’t have to chase people around to get updates right before a project review.

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Manage your notifications

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