Manage your activity in Microsoft Teams with the Beesy smart assistant

chatbot Beesy in Teams

Your artificial intelligence  to help you remember everything 

It understands your requests, analyses them and structures the information for you

A Chatbot Beesy in Microsoft Teams

To create your action plans…

In the Microsoft Teams conversation threads and with Chatbot Beesy, track all your important information by team. 

Beesy’s Artificial Intelligence will analyze your chats, to automatically create your action plans.

This way, you will find all your consolidated information and the actions to be carried out for your collaborators and your projects. 

You can even create tasks directly during your conversations, get automated project reports, meeting minutes, and much more.

The Chatbot also works from your emails to automatically create your action plans or meeting reports.

…And update them without logging in to Beesy

Beesy & Microsoft Teams

When you ask your IA Beesy assistant to create an action or send you a list of actions, you can edit, comment, integrate subtasks, etc. without leaving Microsoft Teams.

You no longer need to connect to your Beesy application to edit your tasks.


The follow-up of your actions and your collaborators…

Beesy, l'intelligence artificielle des managers et des équipes

Talk to your assistant from any tool to ask him to create action plans to be carried out with your team

  • Beesy creates your tasks from your email tools: mail, Skype, Slack, Microsoft Teams…
  • Automatically delegate tasks to your employees
  • Simply specify the completion date: for tomorrow, next month… and your project

The AI takes care of creating the task for the right person at the right time and stores the action in the right project.

For example: “Remind me to contact journalists next week for the Web Media project“; “Tell Dina to validate the commercial presentation for tomorrow is urgent“.


Access in one sentence to the activity progress…

Beesy’s Artificial Intelligence allows you to visualize in real time the tasks to be performed and the progress of your activity.

  • Ask your Artificial Intelligence about the actions to be carried out for you, your team or your projects from your daily tools
  • You can also update the progress of your action plans directly from your instant messaging tools by clicking on “modify”.

Ask for example: “Give me my actions of the day“; “What are Julien’s urgent actions“; “List me the documents of the Content Marketing project“.


chatbot Beesy automatise le reporting

Automated reporting

chatbot Beesy automatise les reportings de projet

Ask Artificial Intelligence to create your specific reports

  • Ask for the synthesis of your projects, the synthesis of a collaborator’s tasks from any tool, Beesy will send you the reporting by email
  • You will have a follow-up of the progress of your action plans for each of your employees and by project

For example: “Do me the reporting of the IA Launch project“; “Send me the report of the actions exceeded on the Web Marketing project“; “Generate me my weekly report“.


Talk to Beesy as if it were one of your collaborators.

Nothing could be easier, everything is done in natural language.


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