Send minutes even before the end of your meeting

Creating your meeting minutes could take you up to 30 minutes per meeting.
This time could be drasticly reduced while keeping the professional standards of a report:

  • An agenda.
  • The list of decisions and action plans.
  • Ownership for every action.

Beesy allows you to send your minutes even before the end of a meeting.

4 steps to easily achieve this

1. Take your notes with Beesy in real-time

During a meeting, you will define strategic actions to track to achieve your projects. Take your notes with Beesy during your meeting whatever the device you have and you will be able to clearly flag those actions during your meeting.
Even if you are a paper addict, you can use a smartpen which can transcribe your handwriting into digital text.

 Send minutes even before the end of your meeting

2. Build your note as the meeting progress

Take your note and identify decisions, remarks or tasks. Specify the type of action to achieve : a call, a meeting, a task, a document…
For example, draw a sketch on a whiteboard and quickly add it to your note by taking a picture.

save 15 minutes per meeting

3. Structure your note

      Add some topics to structure your notes around a defined agenda.
      Define people in charge and set deadlines for these actions.
      Simply drag and drop actions around to organize your notes.
save 15 minutes per meeting

4. Send your minutes as soon as your meeting is over

Generate your meeting minutes in just a single click, with an automated layout including your agenda, people in charge, and the complete list of remarks, decisions and actions.
Share it with you team in a click.

save 15 minutes per meeting

5. Customize your meeting minutes

Beesy automaticcaly generates your meeting minutes with a professional layout.
But you can customize your meeting minutes on Beesy.me “My settings” menu with the Pro plan:

  • Integrate your company logo
  • Add custome signature
  • Set up or not the actions summary
  • Attach documents
save 15 minutes per meeting

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