Send minutes even before the end of your meeting

It can take up to 30 minutes to write up a meeting report. With Beesy’s Artificial Intelligence, this lost time will be optimized.

Take your notes in an email and send them to your Virtual Assistant, who will take care of creating the minutes for you. Once the report is written, he will send it to you by email with :

  • The agenda and the topics discussed
  • Decisions and action plans
  • The persons concerned
  • Associated projects and dates

3 steps to get your automated business meeting minutes

meeting minute

1. How to take notes in an email

During your meetings, use Mail-to-Note by taking your meeting notes in an e-mail: specify in the subject line that you want to receive a minutes by writing “MOM” followed by the name of your note which will be used as the title for your minutes.

Then, in the body of the e-mail, identify the subjects by numbering them. For each subject, list the remarks and actions you identified during the meeting, without any particular layout. Beesy’s Artificial Intelligence is able to identify action plans and extract them from your minutes.

2. How Beesy’s Artificial Intelligence structures your notes

It will identify:

  • An agenda
  • The persons concerned to allocate the tasks
  • Action plans
  • The dates on which the actions are to be carried out
  • Associated projects
  • Remarks, etc.
meeting minute

3. Send your minutes at the end of the meeting

Beesy’s Artificial Intelligence will allow you to receive a professional meeting minute in just one click, with an automatic layout that includes your agenda, participants, and all the comments, decisions and actions you have entered. You will then be able to share it with the people concerned.

You can also customize your minutes…

With the Beesy.me PRO option, you will be able to :

  • Integrate your company logo
  • Add a personalized signature
  • Activate or not the summary of the actions to be carried out of your meeting
  • Attach documents related to your meeting

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