Manage your executive committees with Beesy

Weekly management committees, department or team meetings group everybody around the same table to define a common action plan and set the priorities for the group.
This regular meeting should save you time and make you more efficient as a group by:
– sharing priorities
– making decisions
– tracking past action plans across time.
– make sure everyone delivers as a group

But even if it’s an essential management tool of every leader, it is not so easy to make those meetings as powerful as you’d want.
How to make your Management Committees really effective with Beesy?
Here are some key suggestions to effectively manage your team meetings.

Define your Agenda

Management meetings require an Agenda so that everyone involved can prepare the necessary information to make the correct decision during the meeting. You should set in advance the topics of discussion, share them with the group and delay the one you will not be discussing this week.

To make your meeting effective, list all strategic issues that need to be addressed this week. Your team meeting should not become a discussion forum but remain a way to make group decisions and share important informations.

  • Create a topic for each “strategic project” you want to track during your steering committee. Link these topics to your strategic projects in Beesy
  • Create a topic “Points to be addressed“: to group debating points submitted by participants independently of the subjects already approved
  • Create a “Deferred Points” topic: You will drag points that will not be addressed at your meeting and that will be shifted to the next one
  • Create an “Information Points” topic: Group there strategic communications not assigned to a project.

To take full advantage of your agenda, share it with all participants a few days before the meeting.

Step 1 :Create a note
Click the Note tab, then click the + Button, and finally on the “Add Note” menu,

Create note

Step 2 : Set your Committee name and its associated project We advise you to create a “00-EXECOMITTEE” project that will consolidate all actions and decisions related to the management of the team and that are not linked to specific projects.

Note name and project

Step 3 : Add topics you want to address during your Committee.

If you want participants to prepare specific items for your meeting, specify the question to be addressed using the “Question” action and setting the person in charge.

définir les Sujets ou Ordre du jour

And the final step: make all the participants aware of the agenda by sharing your note or your “EXECOMMITTEE” project.

To share a note or a project:
– click on the Share button in the upper right corner
– click on the name of all participants in the list on the left to add them to the Sharing list.

All the participants will receive a sharing notification and will be able to access all the topics and the list of actions to be discussed during the meeting.

sharing Note or project

Every team member can submit subjects

Your management committee is a place of information for you and your management team, but you should remain focused on taking decisions and setting action plans. Make sure with your team that topics are structured before your meetings.

Ask your team to identify the points they want to address.

With Beesy, within a shared note each participant can directly suggest points to be discussed during the meeting.
Have them go to the Committee note and add an action under the “Points to be addressed” section.

Before your Team Meeting, take 5 minutes to scan the suggested ideas in “Points to be addressed“. Identify the one that could be  a dedicated topic at your next meeting or just an information point to quickly discuss.

Step 1 : Ask you team to add actions to be addressed 

Once the Committee note has been created, each participant can add actions directly within the note.

Create a task and a topic to be addressed

Step 2 : Before the committee, scan the suggested ideas and identify the one that needs to be  :

  • a Topic
  • a Decision
  • Shifted to the next week with a “Drag and Drop” on the topic “Deferred Points“. As long as the action is not closed, it will be visible in the following notes
  • Cancelled: just close the action with the associated comment within the action.

Your Agenda re-use the actions and topics from your previous meeting

For each topics, it is important to focus on objectives and the way to achieve them. Since the goal of you Management Meeting is to plan work for the next weeks, it is necessary to refrain from investing too much time on the analysis of past events and results. From one Committee to another, you won’t need to start again from the beginning of your issue but directly take over the action plans you already defined.

For each new Committee create your note from the previous meeting.
Several advantages:
1 – You recover all the recurring and important subjects, no need to recreate them at each meeting.
2 – You also recover the In-Progress action plan making it very simple to check on important issues at a glance.

Beesy will automatically build a digital notebook of all your management meetings.

Step 1 : Create your meeting note from the previous meeting note

To ease your task, we advise you to rename the meeting note with the current date of the Committee, which will make it easier for you to read your “digital notebook”.

create a following note

Step 2 : You automatically retrieve your current topics and actions

Following note reported topics and action

 Easily browse your Management Meetings history

For topics that can lead to endless discussions, it is useful to be able to track decisions from one meeting to another. This will avoid imprecision that generate a recurring return of this topic. Those are huge time wasters and inefficiency drivers.

Using the “following note” feature in Beesy, you can browse all the actions and decisions of your different meetings using the “Previous note” and “Next note” buttons:

Followed actions of recurring notes


  • Your subject is closed: delete this subject in your last meeting note. It will not be present in the following notes but you will continue to see it in the previous notes with the history of your discussions and decisions

The Meeting Minutes lists In Progress and completed actions. It also mentions people in charge of each action

At the end of your meeting, your meeting minutes are ready to be sent to all participants. Simply click on the “Export” button.

Without any re-entry, Beesy generates professional meeting minutes that includes the following elements:

  1. The agenda
  2. The participant
  3. An action plan summary
  4. The details of your discussions : decisions, actions. For each action, the person in charge  and a due date.
  5. You can even automatically attach all the documents used in the meeting as an attachment of your minutes. Simply add them to your Beesy note
Compte rendu de réunion


  • Customize your meeting minutes: You can add your company logo to customize your Committee minutes.

Simply upload your logo in the settings menu on your account.

Customize your reports with your company logo
  • Activate the action summaries in your settings to have in your minutes the summary of the action plans
  • Add the titles for the participants and their emails, so as don’t need to enter their addresses to send the minutes

Your decisions automacically feed your Strategic Projects action plans.

Your Management Committee goals have been achieved: you defined action plans and made decisions for the various topics.
To easily follow-up on these decisions, make sure that  those action plans nbsp;are transferred to the project action plan.
For your strategic projects, we advise you to:

  1. Create a topic for each project
  2. Link this topic to this project within Beesy.


At the end of your team meeting, your action plan for each of your projects will automatically be created. You and your team can simply go to the Beesy project tab to monitor their progress. It’s a very efficient way to make sure decisions and action plans defined during your management meetings are actually implemented.

Step 1 : Link the topic to the correct project

Sujets et actions rattachés à vos projets

Step 2 : Following your committee, your projects are automatically updated. In your Project tab within Beesy, browse each action plan you defined during your management meeting.

Suivi des plans d'actions de vos CODIRs

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