How to be more efficient with my IPhone?

Running after time is the daily life of many of us.
Organizing your day can quickly become a nightmare with the increased number of meetings, the outstanding number of emails and only 24 hours available in a day.
Fortunately, we now always have with us a very useful palm extension to optimize and structure our working day.

Let me share with you some tips on how I optimize my daily working time using my smartphone and Beesy.

My Beesy Dashboard, an essential tool to plan my day

Stop the endless To-do List! it is more often a source of stress, and my diary is already full enough.
To start the day, I need to focus on the actions that I had already planned.
So everyday I refer to my Beesy Dashboard on the “Today” view to get my actions for the day. It can be sorted by projects, priority, action type …

I need to know where I stand? Am I on time on my projects?
One click on the “Overdue” menu is enough to have the list of my overdue actions and quickly identify risks on my action plans. I can eventually reschedule them.
My day is overloaded!
I need to reschedule actions: I just right swipe on an action to change its due date.

efficace avec l'iPhone

TIP n°1 :
During the day, to check my daily to-Do List and update it, I don’t need to open my Beesy. I access it directly from the iPhone “Notification Today” view.

efficace avec l'iPhone

I never loose my ideas

My day is usually rich in relevant discussions with my colleagues, customers or partners, and personal reflections that often lead to ideas to achieve!
In the past, I had too often relied on my memory or dealt with a collection of sticky notes piled on my desk. This method had one big issue: my relevant ideas to increase my action plans did not fit in any time space or in my priorities.

The Result:
I forget some of my ideas, the sticky notes end up in the trash, or I perform the action in emergency mode.

The solution:
Whenever I have an idea, I click on the Beesy « + » button to add the action to perform:

  • A task to do
  • A mail to send
  • A call to dial
  • A picture to save
  • A web site to visit later

For each action I can assign a project, a person and set a due date.

Nothing is lost, everything is transformed

efficace avec l'iPhone

TIP n°2 :
For an action with an important deadline, a call at a specific time or an action that need a significant preparation time, I set the «Reminder» feature for the task and specify the date and time I want to be notified by Beesy.

efficace avec l'iPhone

My critical information always available

In a meeting at a customer site or even in the middle of the hallway, I always need real-time access to my projects information.
To avoid the time lost searching through my emails or trying to contact the right person, I save all this information within Beesy and I’m able to easily share it with my co-workers:

  • Meeting Minutes with the associated documents and sketches
  • List of actions that everyone has to achieve
  • Etc…

All this information is also easily available from my smartphone in my “Notes” menu for a meeting information or even in the “Projects” menu for a consolidated view of my action plans.

efficace avec l'iPhone

TIP n°3 :
To quickly access my information, I use the IPhone forced touch functionality to directly go to my projects or notes view.

efficace avec l'iPhone

Access from anywhere

Available on iPhone, iPad, iWatch and Web, Beesy works seamlessly across all major devices
to keep your actions in sync.

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