Could mobility help me be more efficient?

My smartphone always in my pocket, my computer to work at my office, an iPad or my notebook to take notes during meetings: in every situation, I need my most relevant working tool.
So many tools, an asset or a headache for my working life?

Thanks to Beesy, I managed to take advantage of all those tools and increase my productivity.

My Smartphone, my best friend

As many, I became “addicted” to my smartphone. According to some studies, it even seems that we spend more than 3 hours per day using it. It’s almost one day per week on our smartphone.
My smartphone is no longer just a mobility tool but became totally disruptive in my daily activities, whatever the time or place:

planning my day with beesy AI

Tip 1 – Planning my day

Stuck in my car or on public transport, I use my time to take stock of my To-Do list and structure my day.

I can challenge my Assistant Beesy on his Chatbot with his Artificial Intelligence. Stuck in traffic jams, I can, for example, take advantage of it to ask him the list of people I need to call during the day or the list of my urgent actions.

With a simple glance on my Dashboard, I can access all my tasks sorted by date, priority, project, person… I optimize my time by accessing my Beesy anywhere!

Tip 2 – I don’t lose any more ideas

Lighten my mental load by using Beesy as a reminder…

I add an idea or an action to do in my Beesy from my smartphone via my instant messenger with the Beesy AI Chatbot.
I don’t forget anything anymore because everything is listed in Beesy! I can even ask Siri to send an email to Beesy to ask her to create a task for me or to remind me to make a call for example.

Create action with the Chatbot Beesy

Easy access to up-to-date data


In a meeting or even at a client’s site, I need real-time access to information about my projects.
To avoid wasted hours searching through my emails or trying to contact the right person to get the right information, I ask Beesy:

  • The latest minutes from my meeting
  • The list of tasks finalized on my project
  • The list of tasks to be performed by each person
  • Etc…

All this information is easily accessible from my smartphone either in my Beesy application, via my instant messenger or by exchanging emails with my Chatbot.

synchronization of all tools

In order to avoid the multiplication of terminals becoming a real headache, all my data (note-taking, To-Do list, project-related information – documents, planning, schematics…) must be easily accessible.

With Beesy, I synchronize all my terminals. All my notes, ideas, actions, but also the detailed content of all my action plans are therefore available whatever the terminal used, even offline.

The Beesy Smart Virtual Assistant, the ideal solution to effectively take advantage of the performance of all the tools I use every day!

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