Sync: Online Project Management Tool

Forget the paper notebook…
Welcome to truly simple online project management tool!

Beesy and as an online project management tool, now allow for easy consolidation of critical business data and sharing among the different people within an organization.
Considering that more than 30% of our users actions are delegated to someone else, sharing this information more easily will greatly increase the daily productivity gains of the Beesy solution.


1. Subscription

Go to website and sign-up for a free account.
Your email between Beesy iPad and have to be the same, you can’t change after your subscription so make the good choice.

online project management tool

2. Account confirmation

Once you have create your account, send you confirmation email, click on the link to validate definetely your account.
If you don’t receive this emails in the few minutes after your subscription, please check on your spam.

online project management tool

3. Access to Beesy Web

Now, you can access to your account, and enjoy the one month of Premium options… Unlimited Synchronization, full Web access and full collaboration option.

online project management tool


1. Settings

Go to Beesy on your iPad, and click on “Settings” tab. On the botton you will find the “Your account“, you have two options, to connect to your account click on “Connect to”…

online project management tool

2. Account settings

Now, a connexion popup appears with your Beesy email, enter your password and click on “Login” button. From that, your first synchronization start, it could take a moment so keep Beesy open with an internet connexion.

online project management tool

3. Change your email account

To change your email account, go to “People” tag, click on your people icon, enter your email, then click on “Save”.
After that, go to step 1 and do it again.

online project management tool


1. Disconnect

Once you have connect your Account with your iPad and you want to stop the synchronization between your iPad and our online platform follow the next step:
– Go to “Settings” tab > App Settings > >> Switch to OFF.

2. Disconnect your Account

One you have connect your Account with your iPad and you want to change your account, follow the next step:
– Go to “Settings” tab > Change your account > confirm the two confirmation message.
Be aware that if your change your account, all the data on your iPad will disappear so think to do a last synchronization before doing that.

online project management tool
online project management tool

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