Pro: Weekly reporting – Plan your week

Weekly reporting

With a To-Do list getting longer every day, you need to review it on a weekly basis to make sure you keep it under control.

Monday morning is usually the best time.
With Beesy Pro, each monday you will receive a summary of your activity and progress for your projects and resources.
At a glance, you will have an overview:

  • Completed actions by project and resources
  • Overdue actions, and TOP 5 late resources
  • So it is easy to quickly identify project risks or overloaded resources

Take this time to also plan next week with the report:

  • Check opened actions par project or resource
  • Understand where you planned to spend your time
  • Book time in your agenda to work on them

According to your work, you will need to schedule more or less meetings with yourself or your resources.
You can also plan a significant results to achieve this week :

Close a deal with a customer, write the next chapter of a book, finish a new slideshow… Using Beesy deadlines is a good way to challenge your project progress.

Email Management

Your Weekly Reporting available Online

In addition to the Weekly Report email, you can access to it on your Account:
Summary of your activity from last Week

  • Eisenhower Matrix chart for complete actions
  • Actions complet by people and projects
  • Chart of your overdues actions

Activity for the Week (Personal and Team)

  • Report by projects and deadline
  • Eisenhower Matrix analysis to understand if you planned to spend time on your goal
Email Management

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