Pro: Effective email Management with the Mail To Task feature

Mail To Task for a better email management

What is it?

With the new Mail To Task feature, you can now add tasks to your Beesy sending a simple mail. With this new feature, the email Management is integrated with your Beesy workflow.
When an idea pop-up in your mind, when your boss gives you something to do while on a walk or when you receive unexpected decisions by mail at an unexpected moment you do not always have your iPad nor your laptop within reach to add it to your organizer. Being busy, this things are easily forgotten if you do not write them down. Now with the new Mail To Task feature you can quickly and easily input new actions to your Beesy with a mail. You can also transfer a mail to your Beesy to create an action from a collaborator’s mail for example. This new features puts your Beesy always within reach, regardless of the device you are using and gives you new ways to think email management
The basic Mail To Task feature allows you to create a task assigned to yourself with a mail. The premium Mail To Task feature, available with the Pro Plan, lets you create any action assigned to a contact and a project from a simple mail.

How does it work ?

To use Mail To Task you just need a device that has a mail functionality but first, you’ll have to get your Mail To Task mail from your account in You will find it in the in the “Create from email data” part of your “My Account” section.

You can now add this mail to your contact list or download it as an exportable contact.
This will be the mail used for sending task to your Beesy.

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Mail to Task: Premium Version

What are the premium features?

To get the Premium Mail To Task you have to subscribe to the Pro Plan.
The Premium version of Mail To Task allows you to send any actions to contacts assigned to a specific project. Contacts who are Beesy users will receive the action within their Beesy while non Beesy user will receive a mail with the action’s information.
This way you can delegate actions and manage your team and collaborators from everywhere with a simple mail.

How does it work?

The process is basically the same as in the free version. The only difference is that you have to put a specific Subject in order to create an action assigned to the right person and project.

To do so you have to put the mail subject following this format:

  • @PRS –> People Initial
  • +Action –> Action Type: ie Task
  • #(Project) –> Project name
Email Management

Mail To Task: Free Version

Then, when you want to send a task to your Beesy you just have to mail the task description to the Mail To Task you just got.
Note that it doesn’t matter if you send the mail directly or just put in copy the Mail To Task. It will add the task to your Beesy the same way. Putting in copy the Mail To Task lets you send your task to your collaborator/boss at the same time as you’re adding it to your Beesy
Email Management

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