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Well managing you tasks is absolutely mandatory in order to be organized. Same thing for your priorities. This is why allows you to easily take structured notes in different types of actions and quickly manage your online ToDo List. Notes and Tasks are the most common, but also allows you to add Draws, Web Pages, Maps … etc. Just click on one of the types of actions in the toolbar to add new actions in your notes and begin typing.

online todo list

Organize Your Task Types automatically creates an online ToDo List in the Task manager, with no further things for you to do. Thus, using the Actions tab, you will track all the tasks by< type of action. To help you see the important priorities, the To-Do manager only shows by default the type of task in which actions are incomplete and unfinished ones. If you wish to have a view on all types of tasks, simply tap the All tasks button in the top left toolbar.

Rearrange actions at will for a personalized online To Do List

You can have access to all types of actions, but you can also filter actions by types in order to have a better view of your online ToDo List and the types of actions that you use the most. By tapping on the Edit button in the top left toolbar, you can reorder the type of task to suit your needs. By dragging the little move symbol on the right of the cell, you will define the exact order in which you want to see your actions. The order you will select will reflect in the task toolbar as well, making sure adapts to your business and allows you manage your online ToDo List the way you feel it.

online todo list

Edit your action types for even more flexibility

To define the action type settings, go to the Actions tab > left column, click on the left icon of an action type. Each action template covers 10 parameters: text which automatically appears in the cell when adding an action.

  • Default text: text which automatically appears in the cell during the seizure.
  • Follow-up: follow or not the actions on the Actions / People / Projects tab.
  • Important: position in the dashboard matrice (important / not important).
  • Urgent: position in the dashboard matrice (urgent / not urgent).
  • Private: show or hide an action on the meeting minutes.
  • Hide: show or hide an action in the action bar.
  • Reminders: activate action synchronisation with Reminders (iCloud, Exchange, Yahoo).
  • Priority: priority level for an action. Allows to filter by priority in Actions / People / Projects tab.
  • Duration: duration of an action (days)
  • Preparation: preparation of an action (days). Those two parameters define how Beesy calculate the due date when adding a new action.
online todo list

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