How to manage your meetings and take your notes

STEP 1 : You have Meeting , Go the “NOTES” Tab

At the beginning of the meeting or before (if you want to prepare your meeting), you will create a note :


  1. Click on the + button
  2. Click on « CREATE A NEW NOTE»
  3. Write the note’s title
  4. Click on « change » an click on a wished project
  5. Choose the language of the note if necessary
  6. Click on « Create »
Add a new note
Add a name

STEP 2 : Prepare the agenda for your meetings

Effective meeting require to prepare and diffuse the meeting agenda.

Prepare your meeting by creating topics.

Topics are usefull to manage the different goals and subject you want to deal with in your meeting. It also can be useful if you have to manage many projects during the meetings to classify automaticaly the data in the right place :


  1. Click on the + button
  2. Write the topic name
  3. If the topic project is the same than the note project, click on « Create »
  4. If the topic project is different than the note project, click on « Change » to select another project then click on  « Create ».
Add a subject

STEP 3 : Add participants to your meetings

Add the participants  :

  1. Click on the + button
  2. Click on contacts to add
  3. Click on the + button to create a new contact
  4. Use the search bar to find a contact faster


Add participants

STEP 4 : Structure your note

During your note-taking, focus on the typing of your comments and the differents types of actions : tasks, email to send, meeting to prepare , décision …..

Organize and structure your notes will be done very quickly at the and of the meeting :


  1. Click on the action icon you want to add (Task, Call, Comment, etc…). Don’t forget to create an action for every new data.
  2. Organize your note dragging the action and droping it in the topic
  3. Assign your contacts to differents tasks with the same manipulation
Structure your note

STEP 5 : Send the meeting minutes

Once your note is ready, you can send the meeting minutes by email or export it in PDF, Word or Excel :


  1. Click on the export icon
  2. Select the format to send your meeting minutes
Export to mail


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