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Create actions directly from your Outlook mailbox

You want to create an action based on the content of one of your emails? 
Now with the extension of Beesy on Outlook, you can create tasks in less than 2 min.

Go to the email of your choice containing an action to create in your Beesy and click on the “Add to Beesy” button.

Start writing the text of your action so that the “Add” button turns blue and is active. Then you will be able to personalize your action.


  • Choose the priority according to the Eisenhower matrix (urgent/important, not important/non-urgent)
  • Select a date
  • Define a person in charge: you or one of your collaborators
  • Choose a project to which to attach the action

When you create your task, the email will be attached to it automatically. You will also be able to choose whether or not to include the attachments of the mail in question. 


If you want the Beesy extension to stay open when you browse your mails, just click on the  button next to Beesy. 

This way you can easily manage your To-Do’s without leaving your mailbox and you won’t lose any information from your e-mails.

Once the action is created from Microsoft Outlook, find it in Beesy directly.


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