Have a better look of your day

STEP 1 : Synchronize your actions with your calendar


Improve the vision of your day by synchronizing your actions with your calendar. This feature allows you to include action as an event in your calendar, you can in 1 click take a look at your schedule. Never forget anything!

You have the choice between synchronizing all your actions or selecting specific action to synchronize. When you close an action in Beesy, it will automatically disappear from the calendar.

You can also unsubscribe to the calendar to no longer display Beesy’s actions.

How to synchronize all your actions?


  1. Go to « My Account». —> « Export Calendar».  
  2. Click on « Create a link»
  3. Copy the generated link
  4. Open your calendar –> Subscribe to a calendar –> Paste link

STEP 2 : Synchronize a specific action

You can also choose actions, one by one, to synchronize with your calendar


  1. Click on the action icon or  « … » to open details
  2. Click on icon « Download iCal file »
  3. A pop up « Add an event » appears
  4. Choose the right Calendar
  5. Click on « Ok »
Add participants

STEP 3 : Subscribe to a Calendar

Calendrier Apple


  1. Open Apple’s calendar
  2. Click on « File »
  3. Click on « Subscribe to a calendar»
  4. Paste the link from Beesy export calendar
  5. Follow the instructions
Add a subject

Google Calendar


Once the calendar is opened :


  1. Click on « Add a friend’s calendar »
  2. Click on « From URL »
  3. Paste URL from Beesy export calendar
  4. Click on « Add a calendar »

Yahoo Calendar



  1. Open Yahoo’s calendar
  2. In « Others » click on the icon on the right
  3. Click on « Follow other’s calendar»
  4. Past the link from Beesy export calendar
  5. Follow the instructions

Outlook Calendar (only on Windows)



  1. Sign in to Outlook.com
  2. At the bottom of the navigation pane, select Calendar
  3. On the toolbar, select Add calendar > From internet
  4. In the Link to the calendar box, type or paste the calendar URL
  5. In the Calendar name box, enter a name for the linked calendar
  6. Select « Save»