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Your projects share the same steps or phases, or the same action plan?
As an Online Project Management Software, Beesy allows you to set your workspace to get organized and share your Projects with some of your Beesy contacts for managing collaborative projects.
The team has now a full view on who is doing what on the project, and what the next steps are.

Beesy goes further to let you save time thanks to Projects Templates.


How to minize risks and optimize the action plans before launching a new project?
Organize, plan, & prioritize your action plans to quickly implement and save time before each project kickoff.

With Beesy, you will be able to create 2 types of templates:

  • Goal > Projects > Actions
  • Project > Actions

Creating your first Template

Access to the feature

Project templates must be created from your online account and require a Beesy Pro subscription.

Click on your initials in the top right corner of your online account. You’ ll access the account menu.
Then, click on “My Templates”.

Notes Templates

Create your first Project Template

  • Click on the “+” button
  • Choose if you want to create a Goal or directly a Project Template
  • Press “Create”

Here we are creating the full Project Template:

    – Goal
    — Project X > Actions
    — Project Y > Actions
Project Templates

Plan & Organize your Project Template

The interface builder is the same as the regular goal and project creation.
That allows you to:

  • Create a Goal (ie: Goal Template X)
  • Create Projects (Phase 1, Phease 2, Phase 3, …)
  • Add differents actions to plan your projects:
    Risks, Documents, Tasks, Dealine…
  • Assign actions to co-workers and set due dates

The only big difference is the action due date.
Due date is now calculated in time difference to the time at which you’ll create your project from this template.

For exemple:

  • You put 3 days for a task
  • If you deploy the template the May 14th, the task due date will be the 17th
Project Templates

Create your first Project Template

How to deploy your Project Templates

Once you have create your templates, you will be able to use them to deploy a new Project.
Be aware that you need to synchronize them on your iPad and iPhone apps.

From the Web

Project Templates
Project Templates
Project Templates

From the iPad & iPhone

Project Templates
Project Templates
Project Templates

The result

Project Templates

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