Best Task Manager for iPad

Introduction to the Best Task Manager for iPad

Beesy, as the best task manager for iPad, will automatically generate To-Do lists from your notes, with no extra work on your part.
Hence, using the To-Do list management tab, you will be able to browse all your activities by type of task.
To help you see the important priorities, the To-Do manager only shows by default:

  • type of task where you have uncompleted items
  • only the uncompleted items

If you wish to have a view on all types of tasks, simply tap the All tasks button in the top left toolbar.
If you mark a task as completed, it will disappear from the list but you can still check on completed items by tapping on the checkmark button in the top right toolbar of the app.
For actions that do not show the completed icon shortcut in the cell, access the item property and set it to completed to make it disappear.

The Upper Right Toolbar

The toolbar in the upper right corner of Beesy will remain the same every time you are looking at your To-Do list, be it in the To-Do tab, the People tab or the Project tab.
From this toolbar, you can access several features, from right to left:

  • export your actions by email in a professional layout or in a CSV file
  • search your actions by title
  • sort your actions by people, by project or by topic
  • show the completed items in the current list
Best Task Manager for iPad
Best Task Manager for iPad

Organize Your Task Types

Configuring Your Type of Task to Suit Your Needs
You can also edit a task type by tapping on its left side icon.
You will access detailed information about this type and you will be able to configure the default parameters for a task type.
You can, for instance, define the default title when you add a new task from this type.
But you can decide as well the default behavior for importance, urgency, time it takes, privacy and In To-Do.
This way you can adapt Beesy to your needs, and not the other way around.
Once you have done this step, every time you press on an action in the action toolbar, it will be configured the way you just decided here.

Best Task Manager for iPad

Reorder Actions for Even Faster Notes
By tapping on the Edit button in the top left toolbar, you can reorder the type of task to suit your needs.
By dragging the little move symbol on the right of the cell, you will define the exact order in which you want to see your actions.
The order you will select will reflect in the task toolbar as well, making sure Beesy adapts to your business.
You will need to stop and restart Beesy to reflect those changes in the action toolbar though.