Livescribe 3 smartpen + Dot Paper

The Livescribe 3 smartpen automatically converts your handwritten notes into digital text.
It turns your paper notebook into a powerful managing tool.

Stop wasting time during & after your meetings

Studies show that managers in US companies spend more than half their time either attending meetings, following up on tasks, or reporting on their activity.
An average month may include:

  • 80 hours of meetings
  • Writing dozens of meeting minutes
  • hundreds of actions to track
  • 30 hours or more of reporting

Business managers need a solution that will increase their efficiency at managing this entire process.


Write notes on paper & organize your work digitally

With the Livescribe 3 and Beesy, professionals can take notes with a real pen on paper and turn their handwritten notes into reusable digital text.
To simplify organization, customers can create comments, tasks or drawings just by tapping short-cut buttons printed at the top of each page in their Livescribe notebooks.

The Beesy app automatically turns those notes into professional meeting minutes, project tracking documents and organized task lists complete with assignments and due dates for team members.

This unique capability turns an iPad and iPhone into a productive business notebook replacement for an efficient workplace.

Getting Started

1. Go to the Beesy InApp purchase store to download the Livescribe support pack.
2. Pair and connect your Smartpen to Beesy.
3. Tap any page in your notebook with your Smartpen so Beesy will recognize it.

Now, everything you write or draw will be synced to Beesy, even when you’re not connected.

Directly from your paper notebooks into Beesy

+ Take your notes using these icons

  • 1: create a comment
  • 2: create a task with due date & owner
  • 3: draw a sketch

These shortcut controls have pre-programmed functions, access the Beesy App settings to change it (tasks, draw, call…).

+ Structure your notes

  • Create topics between # (ie: #topic name#)
  • Assign projects using # (ie: Note title #project name#)

+ Give ownership

  • Assign Actions to People using the tag “@” + their initials (ie: @ADA)
  • Set a due date to your actions (ie: 14-01-15)

+ Take your Livescribe 3 smartpen wherever you need or want.
Memory on the smartpen allows you to capture your notes even when you’re not connected to your iPad.

Make your meetings even more productive

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