Manage your iPad Task the way you want with Beesy

Manage your iPad Task the way you want

Beesy iPad Task Manager does not help you at counting actions it helps you at doing them.
Beesy comes with an efficient dashboard meant to handle your daily tasks:

  • Integrates your calendar
  • Access your last notes with a snapshot of the topics involved
  • Understand the job to be done NOW

Different angles for different goals

When we designed our iPad Task tool, we had one clear goal in mind: there are many ways to look at someone’s To-Do.
Depending on your cultural background, on your job position, on the time of the day, you might want to see something different than somebody else.
That’s why our iPad Task app is designed so that you decide what kind of task you want to see right now.
Beesy provides you with a set of different tools to browse your iPad Task:

  • full-blown traditional To-Do list
  • A pie-chart reporting tool
  • Custom views by people, projects or type of task
  • A simple and powerful matrix dashboard

Use our Urgent/Important matrix

Every iPad Task app should provide a simple way to visualize the work to be done, focusing on action and not on how many overdues you still have today.
In a simple Urgent/Non Urgent and Important/Non Important matrix, Beesy:

  • Split YOUR actions for today so that you can directly start working.
  • Helps you easily check your overdues.
  • Plan your week so that you can avoid urgency and anticipate.

During your iPad Meetings or your iPad Project, simply tap the matrix button on one of your note and you’ll position your task at the right level of priority. Off course, Beesy handles the default priority depending on the type of tasks, saving you unnecessary configuration.