iPad Notes for Business Meeting with Beesy

Instant meeting minutes from your iPad Notes

With iPad Notes using Beesy, once you finished typing your note, you can instantly send the meeting minutes to participants.
With a simple and professional layout, focusing on actions and meaningful information, keep in sync with your professional network on the outcome of the meeting.

Easily remove an item from the minutes by setting it to private: it’s still in your notes but not in the minutes.

Instant analysis from your iPad Notes

As simply as you mailed actions regarding meetings, project or people, you can export tasks in a CSV format to analyse Tasks and targets in excel for instance.
This way, you can even have custom reports in sync with Beesy.

Check Beesy, our iPad Notes app on iTunes.

Follow-up on your projects from your iPad Notes

Easily follow-up on your actions, update your tasks and this will reflect in both your notes and your meeting minutes.
Using Beesy Project tab, you can have an overview of what need to be done for a specific project in a single glance.
While you do your follow-up meeting on this project, update a task, change its due date, mark it as completed, it will be so everywhere else in Beesy. Now you can just tap on the export button in Beesy, and you can send a project update instantly.
Welcome to the 1mn project update.

Follow-up on your team from your iPad Notes

Easiliy follow-up on your team actions, have a one-to-one, update their tasks or project status and it will reflect in your notes and minutes.
Using Beesy People tab, you can browse people’s tasks, by type, by project or by meeting.
Simply do your follow-up meeting with someone, update tasks and you’re To-Do manager is up-to-date.
Now just tap the export button and send your team member a recap of what’s need to be done, instantly.
Welcome to the 1mn people follow-up.