iPad Note for Professionnal Meeting Notes with Beesy

A fast taking note App for iPad

Beesy is not a regular note taking system, it’s your iPad Note companion. It reuses 100% of the information you actually type by leveraging on a template-based system that structures your notes.

By using templates, Beesy speeds up the iPad note taking system:

  • Fast iPad note taking by simply pressing a button
  • Faster typing with autocomplete based on people, projects or you own lexical
  • Fast new actions to better structure your iPad note
  • Focus typing on the important message, using predefined context for your iPad note
  • Easy meeting agenda
  • Easy actions layout, drag&drop actions on topics
  • Instant iPad meeting minutes with a professional layout

Designed with Business in mind

Beesy was designed to make your iPad Note easier: note layout and content are distinct, enabling you to go straight to the point.
Meetings are real-time exchange between people. With Beesy, you won’t miss an important decision or task.
And since we know you already have a busy schedule, your note will automatically generate the right tasks in your Beesy iPad To-Do at the end of
the meeting. No more endless To-Do creation and updates.
With Beesy, it’s all about business.

Save up to 1 hour a day

If you have experienced days full of customer meetings or project follow-up, then Beesy is made for you. By saving the time to move your notes from paper to electronic, Beesy will save you at least 15 minutes per meeting.

It will also enable you to send instant and professional meeting minutes straight from the meeting, saving you again precious time. And last, Beesy will automatically generate your To-Do from your notes: it’s not even saving time, most of us don’t have time to do this.
Check Beesy, our iPad Note app on iTunes.