iPad Meeting Note with Integrated To-Do with Beesy

An iPad Meeting Note with Integrated To-Do

Beesy is an iPad Meeting Note app with Templates for your To-Do. Beesy is meant to ease your job at noting something important for you while saving you time on the follow-up.

Beesy currently allows you, directly from your iPad Meeting Note:

  • Add a task: it could be a generic one or a specific one like a call, sending a document
  • Write some notes: a standard note or a specific one like an idea, a question
  • Add complex objects to your note: drawings, maps or web pages
  • Focus typing on the important message, using predefined context for your iPad note
  • Add contacts or meetings directly from your notes

Each template acts differently in term of context:

  • To-Do or a simple note
  • Importance
  • Urgency
  • Due date
  • Privacy

Focus on the meeting, not the layout

Working with templates, Beesy handles all the layout for you.
During typing, you can simply add new tasks or idea without loosing focus on people in the meeting.
When it’s time to send the minutes, simply drag&drop your notes in the correct topic, hide the unnecessary notes and you’re done !

iPad To-Do made easier

If you’ve used regular To-Do, you know how much time you can spend configuring tasks in detail: owner, due-date, priority, importance …
Well, most of us actually cannot do this on a regular basis and most of the time this end up in dropping the tool.
With Beesy, tasks are preconfigured while you type your notes. You can change details in a single tap so that you don’t have to leave your notes. And Tasks are regularly updated as you process your notes or project. Stop spending time on updating a tool, start using it to act on your targets.
Check Beesy, our iPad Meeting Note app on iTunes.