iPad Management to a new level with Beesy

iPad Management to a new level

Using Beesy iPad Management app, discover how you can be more efficient every day.
Because sometime doing less is doing better, Beesy comes with a powerful reporting tool to analyse your task portfolio and help you work on the right priority.

Analyse your tasks by:
– Project
– Type of tasks
– Contact

Understand the weight of your own priorities between each other and take necessary action to better manage your time.

Analyse your iPad To-Do List

Beesy iPad Management app comes with a built-in reporting module that graphs your To-Do in a pie-chart.
By simply tapping one priority in the reporting tool, zoom in on what’s going on, zoom-out, understand the dynamics of your priorities.
Browse your activity on this chart the way you want it by project, contact or type of task to understand how to better balance your tasks.
Then you can take better decisions to master your time.

Delegate your iPad task to your team

By using the people chart in our iPad Management reporting tool, you can check that you’re not ending up doing all the work.
Discover the weight of your priorities between you and your team member, make sure you don’t own most of the items and make sure everyone in the team share its load of work to achieve the team’s goals.

Find the right information at the right time

With Beesy iPad Management reporting tool, have a look at the right information at the right time.
In a project follow-up, zoom in on your project To-Do, see who is acting and simply double-tap to access a custom To-Do list.
You can do this as well for one of your team member follow-up, understanding his priorities in a single glance.

Say “No”, the right way !

Because managing your time is just learning when to say no, use our iPad Management reporting tool to understand where you’re not acting on your priorities.
By looking at how much time you spend on unnecessary tasks, it’s now much easier to explain others why you have to say them NO.

To start using iPad Management by Beesy, check Beesy, our iPad Management app on iTunes.