Easy iPad project management with Beesy

An Easy iPad project management with Beesy

With Beesy, iPad project management have never been easier.
Unlike many To-Do organizers, Beesy is not about counting your actions and reminding you the overdues but rather provide you with real-time analytics from different angles.
Browse your actions by:

  • Type
  • People
  • Goals and projects

Further refine your sort inside the priority angle you picked to suit your requirements.
Easily follow-up and update your actions there and Beesy will seamlessly update everything, including your notes.

Link your iPad Notes to your projects

With Beesy, just tell it that a meeting note depends from a project and every tasks in your To-Do from this meeting will now depend from this project.
This way, you can follow-up on a project in a matter of minutes instead of going through every notes you had regarding this particular meeting.
If you need a more detailed way of organizing things in your notes, you can tie a specific topic of your meeting or even a specific task to a single project.
Beesy is all about giving you the ability to look at your critical information the way you want it.

Sort your iPad Project by goals

If you have plenty of projects, you may want to start organize them by goals.
Beesy easily gives you the ability to group your iPad Projects for a better understanding of your priorities: just select a goal for your project and make sure you keep track of your targets.

A simple way to check people’s project

With Beesy, you can also browse your iPad To-Do by people.
Using this view, tasks are by default organized by projects they’re actually working on, giving you a simple way to follow-up on someone’s targets as well.
Simply assign the right owner to a task and Beesy will handle this for you with no extra work on your side.
Beesy is simply about making your iPad project management smarter.
Check Beesy, our iPad Notes app on iTunes.