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iPad note App review iPad note App review iPad note App review iPad note App review iPad note App review

August 2014

Beesy, the bionic productivity app

iPad App review Beesy 12/08/2014 – Very nicely, Beesy is being worked on extensively. I took a lot of screenshots as I was learning how to use it and then the software was entirely updated to an iOS 7 look. I was thinking about how you need your iPad always with you to use it – and then the company released, a web-based service that you can use anywhere. Read more

July 2014

Experts Weigh In: What Kind of Entrepreneur Are You?

iPad App review Beesy 30/07/2014 – Here at MyCorp, we know entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes, but how do you know what kind of entrepreneur you are? We spoke with 75 ‘treps about where they stand on the entrepreneurial scale – from solo entrepreneurs to serial entrepreneurs and even artrepreneurs and bropreneurs, find out what style suits you best! Read more

June 2014

Review Of

iPad App review Beesy 04/06/2014 – is a productivity management solution for enterprise. Associated with the iPad application Beesy, it allows team/project leaders, sales team to manage efficiently their meetings notes, actions, teams and projects. Read more

July 2013

Beesy: a new level of productivity tools for iPad users

iPad App review Beesy 18/07/2013 – Productivity app, Beesy, turns your iPad in to a task list, meeting planner, call organizer, and note taking app. It gives you the ability to create check lists, assign tasks, and create quick links to contacts, photos, and map data for easy networking information storage. Read more

Beesy: A Powerful Note-taking / Task Management iPad App for Businessmen

iPad App review Beesy 09/07/2013 – Beesy is an iPad app designed for automated task management, note-taking, task-assignment and collaboration and it does pretty good. Beesy’s credibility needs no introduction: it featured in Evernote Trunk, so that says a lot about Beesy’s prowess as a note-taking app. Read more

Beesy iPad App – Organised note taking and Project Management app!

iPad App review Beesy 02/07/2013 – Beesy is a business productivity app designed for use by professionals, managers and staff members to specifically aid them to create and structure their business meeting notes. With an automated to-do list feature, professionals are able to manage tasks, daily planning, projects, people and actions effectively. Beesy also syncs with the iPad calendar and imports your contacts, resulting in a highly organised and efficient productivity app. Read more

June 2013

Best Productivity Apps: Beesy, Get More Out of Work and Business

iPad App review Beesy 27/06/2013 – You are stuck, unhappy, and labelling yourself as a Failure. Haven’t we all have felt this way, overwhelmed by too much information overload. Fragmentation of “Conscious Attention”. Not knowing where to start and take control of your life and business. Millions are in search of a pill to solve all the problems once Face. And Many claim to do this for you. There might be authenticity to many of the claims, but we find not to be so in most of the cases. Stumbling through the question, and trying to find Apps to make us more organized we found Beesy, One of the Best Productivity Apps. Read more

Beesy: Professional iPad Note-Taking and Task Management

iPad App review Beesy 19/06/2013 – All in all, Beesy earns a very respectable 9 out of 10 rating. Its features are pretty much second to none, but the slightly confusing interface and the fact that at times the app is a little difficult to use and clunky in places prevent it unfortunately from earning our coveted 10 out of 10 rating. But I would recommend having a go with Beesy, even if you don’t stick with it, just to see what it’s like. Read more

April 2013

Evernote Pick – Beesy

iPad App review Beesy 08/04/2013 – First introduced during Evernote’s 2012 Devcup, Beesy gives you a single tool for capturing meeting notes, generating to-do lists from them, and managing tasks for multiple projects. Notes and tasks in Beesy can also be connected with events and meetings from your calendar, and saved in Evernote where they can be shared with your team. Read more

March 2013

Beesy – App Review

iPad App review Beesy 06/03/2013 – Meetings; love ’em, hate ’em… you just keep having ’em. The basic premise of Beesy is that business life revolves around meetings, and it’s hard to argue with that. Beesy, in a nutshell (and it’s a large cocoanut sized husk) is the repository for your calendar, tasks (To-dos), notes, and projects. Read more

Beesy does it

iPad App review Beesy 01/03/2013 – If you are working on big projects and need something a little more complex than a simple to-do list, then you may be interested in Beesy. But be forewarned: this is a seriously detailed app, aimed at those who have a lot to do and need an effective means of managing projects. It is not recommended for the casual user, insofar as its comprehensive capabilities require some time to master… Download

February 2013

Note taking app for iPad focuses on business planning

iPad App review Beesy 25/02/2013 – it shows great potential, especially for those who doubt the iPad can ever be a serious business tool. Beesy is designed to help users manage time better and have a clearer overview of tasks at hand. It does this by combining a range of useful tools – day planner calendar, note taking, to-do task management, people management and project management – all within the same app… Read more

Beesy : Note taking app for the iPad

iPad App review Beesy 18/02/2013 – Beesy enables you to manage a lot of productive tasks and is able to sync with your calendars and contacts, as well as sync notes with Evernote. The notes you create can have additional information added, such as audio, drawings and photographs.

I’ve had a play with Beesy and it’s a pretty comprehensive app. I could see teachers finding it a useful tool to keep themselves organised, but I don’t think it’s suitable for classroom use, unless it’s with post-16. It’s quite complicated and very much business-orientated…

Read more

Manage Projects with Ease Using Beesy

iPad App review Beesy 04/02/2013 – Beesy is a project management app that is designed for people who need help with task management and note taking, like managers, sales people and project managers. It is a very handy tool for anyone who needs to create business notes, projects, tasks, and more… Read more

Kiplinger – Useful Apps for Small Businesses

iPad App review Beesy 01/02/2013 – When it comes to taking meeting notes and generating to-do lists that sync up with your calendar and address book, Beesy, from BeesApps, is a popular choice. It costs $5.99 and is available on the iPad… Read more

January 2013

Beesy – A New Level of iPad Productivity

iPad App review Beesy 01/01/2013 – Beesy has a huge array of features that can be handy for various meetings and work settings. While learning the app can take some time, once you have the hang of the functionality, the app really begins to open up great productivity possibilities… Read more

December 2012

Beesy for iPad – App Review

iPad App review Beesy 28/12/2012 – Beesy for iPad is an all-in-one organizer that targets the “busy” kind of people out there. You probably know who you are, but just to clarify, Beesy is aimed at those who have more things to do than hours in a single day allow. With Beesy you will be able to keep track of your notes, people, to-dos, projects and much more. There are so many features in Beesy that we’ll hardly be able to cover all of them in detail… Read more

Beesy Is Your Smarter Project Assistant And a Feature Rich To-Do/Tasks Manager

App review Beesy 25/12/2012 – Beesy is targeted towards business professionals with a quick requirement to manage their goals, projects, teams and other tasks. While Beesy also serves as a wonderful note taking tool alongside the ability to create To-do’s automatically. With Beesy you won’t lack the motivation and tools for managing your professional as well as personal life… Read more

Beesy iPad App Review: Top Note Taker and Organizer

App review Beesy 25/12/2012Beesy takes note taking and to-do list to the next level. Beesy helps the most unorganized person get organized with only a few taps of the iPad screen. It allows users to take their notes and list with them anywhere they may go. It makes following up on meetings or important task easy remembered and organized. Beesy is designed with the persons in mind who handle task on a daily basis or persons who wish to spend less time creating to-do list.
Beesy is an awesome notetaking application built around the iOS calendar and address books. This is what makes it so fast to sync or keep all your task organized. Task completed on one device are updated on all other devices. Once users create a meeting in their calendar, Beesy helps keep all of them organized and on task.
Read more

Beesy – Take meeting notes with automated To-Do list and Task / Project management

App review Beesy 19/12/2012 – No mater if you’re in a business meeting or attending school, Beesy incorporates the most robust note-taking iOS app that I’ve ever held in my hands. On its surface it has simple note taking features and steps it up a notch allowing you to sketch images and insert them into your notes. Dive deeper and you’ll notice that you can pinpoint places on Maps and import the location (as well as directions) into your notes as well. Explore further and this is just the beginning. Importing contacts, outstanding minutes option (this was super handy at my HOA meeting last week)… Read more

Busy As A Bee? Try Beesy for the iPad!

App review Beesy 18/12/2012 – I purposely started my review of Beesy with a question because right from the start one of the first things I noticed when using the app was THIS APP IS BIG! It’s complex and it takes time to learn. However it is also covers all the bases somebody who manages very large professional projects would need to cover. For those types of people a simple “to do” list won’t cut it. They need more. So for some this would be a great app. For others it’s overkill… Read more

Manage The Important Aspects Of Your Business With Beesy

App review Beesy 18/12/2012 – Note-taking: In this section you can quickly take notes in the form of meeting minutes. Each note can have a topic, participants and actions. By adding actions as you type, Beesy will automatically generate a todo list for you… Read more

Mutli-Talented Business Tool – Beesy for iPad (REVIEW)

App review Beesy 16/12/2012 – Beesy for iPad is an App perfect for managing a business. With Beesy on iPad, you can take meeting notes, set goals, assign people to tasks, create tasks, have project reviews and more. You’ll never forget a thing once noted on Beesy and you’ll have the opportunity to follow up with people all the time… Read more

Beesy – Take Meeting Notes With Automated To-Do list and Task / Project Management

App review Beesy 15/12/2012 – Beesy is an ideal app for those business professionals on the go and always attending meetings. The app allows business personnel to easily take notes raised during meetings and create bullet pointed lists to action at a later date… Read more

Beesy is One of The Best Productivity iPad Apps

App review Beesy 13/12/2012 – Beesy is a smart note taking productivity app for iPad designed to help you take better notes during your meetings. The iPad productivity app lets you organize and write down your notes quickly with a comprehensive list of features catering to different note taking styles and business situations, whether be it at a sales event or large board meeting… Read more

November 2012

Beesy App: Note-Taking For Professionals

App review Beesy 28/11/2012 – We all know how hard it is to keep track of meetings, calls, lunches, and everything in between that a small business owner has to do. Enter the Beesy app. Beesy provides a smart note taking app that understands the underlying tasks and suppresses unnecessary operations. It addresses 3 main pain points of business meetings… Read more

Best App for Taking Notes for Business: Beesy

App review Beesy 28/11/2012 – Being a working mom means juggling about a million notes and calendars at the same time! Enter Beesy. The best app for taking notes, Beesy provides a smart note taking app that understands the underlying tasks and suppresses unnecessary operations. It addresses 3 main pain points of business meetings:

  • – Quickly take notes during meetings and do not miss critical information
  • – Send instant meeting minutes right after the meeting in less than a minute
  • – Easily follow-up on actions with a powerful to-do organizer reusing 100% of your notes and your calendar

Read more

Beesy Task Manager

App review Beesy 22/11/2012 – I have been using Beesy now for about two weeks. Over the two weeks I have organized and conducted over ten different meetings across multiple projects with many different meeting attendees. I can honestly say that Beesy has helped me organize all of the information generated during these meetings including tasks assigned to myself and various other team members. Additionally, Beesy has added to my efficiency in planning for these meetings…I don’t necessary look forward to planning the meetings, but Beesy makes the process a little simpler. Beesy is not a replacement for my Evernote Task Management process nor will it become my primary means of documenting my projects; but it will add to my existing processes in place with Evernote. Read on to determine if Beesy is right for you… Read more

The All-In-One App to manage your business activity

App review Beesy 21/11/2012 – Beesy HD, a note taking application for the iPad, is targeted towards business professionals who have the need to manage a busy work-life routine.
Beesy was developed as a business tool to manage daily activities from a single application: Beesy provides a smart note taking app that understands the underlying tasks and suppress unnecessary operations by: – Automating To-do lists from meetings – Enabling instant meeting minutes – Providing On-demand task management by people, project or type of action. …
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October 2012

Be A Busy Bee With iPad To-Do And Project Management App Beesy

App review Beesy 30/10/2012 – Beesy is a to-do and project management app for iPad. Actually, it’s an all-in-one app geared toward the business-savvy types among us.
With its ability to sync with your calendars and contacts, Beesy offers a structured suit of functions that can help you handle your business activities…
Read more

Phones Review – iPad app feature: Beesy HD

App review Beesy 27/10/2012Beesy HD, a smart note taking application for the iPad, is targeted towards business professionals who have the need to manage their teams, projets and their own To-Do list in one app Beesy was developed as a business tool to manage daily activities from a single application Read more

iPad app feature: Beesy HD

a href=”” target=”_blank”>App review Beesy 12/10/2012Beesy HD, a note taking application for the iPad, is targeted towards business professionals who have the need to manage a busy work-life routine. The application serves them well with features like fast note taking ability, creating to-do lists, listing minutes of the meeting, managing project details and report writing functions. Read more

September 2012

French Tech Startup BeesApps Helps You Manage Your Time Better

App review Beesy 17/09/2012With the ever expanding world of mobile technology, managing your time can be done easier than ever. One of the apps that can help you manage your time better so you can free up hours of the day to let you do whatever you want other than running your business: Beesy. Read more

July 2012

Mobile Apps You (Probably) Haven’t Heard of Yet!

App review Beesy 18/07/2012Looking for mobile apps to help you run your business? We’ve compiled a group of 18 new apps that will help you not only do business well, but also you help you get things done, too! Read more

June 2012

Beesy – Task Management App for iPad

App review 31/06/12Beesy is a great iPad app specifically designed for business people that handle team or projects on a regular basis.
Beesy was designed as a time saving tool for many common business situations such as easier note taking and decision logging, instant and professional meeting minutes and automated To-Do lists from your notes
Read more

Beesy Wants To Be Your Ultimate iPad To-Do App

App review Beesy 25/06/2012Beesy solves the pain points of taking notes, writing meeting minutes etc in following manner, easily taking notes during meetings by structuring actions and comments by points, reorganizing your meeting notes in function of your agenda (drag & drop), sending instant meeting minutes by email with a professional automated layout, following up on ToDo lists by browsing them by actions, people or project, a significant save of time on task management by suppressing task configuration. Read more

App Review *Beesy* – Time Management for iPad

App review Beesy 25/06/2012…I would include an option in the original edit screen to change or assign a new project name to whatever you’re working on. Every event automatically gets Default Topic. I would also offer the ability to set this at the time you create the item. Read more

February 2012

Beesy: A really smart note taking App

App review Beesy 19/02/2012[…] I came across a fantastic app which is making such a difference […] David has recently launched a start-up, BeesApps, to deliver, in my opinion, a really smart note taking app for the iPad: Beesy […]. If you have half the meetings I have this App will make a big difference. Read more

Task Management App for iPad – Beesy – iPad To-Do

App review Beesy 09/03/2012I just installed this Task Management App (Beesy) on my iPad and spend few minutes trying to understand the functionality of the App. I watched the tutorials on the App website before I decided to shell of $5.99 (cost of this app). I was really impressed with the video and purchased the app. Read more

Beesy your desk on iPad

[French Review]

Applications iPad prise de notes 16/04/12On the management tools of tasks, notes are legions. Of the simplest notepad to Omnifocus, difficult to find itself in the jungle of the applications for iPad. We have just discovered Beesy, an application was developed by the Parisian start-up BeesApps. Read more

Increase your productivity in company thanks to Beesy, iPad app

[French Review]

App review Beesy 02/04/12This application is perfect for the managers, project managers and commercial. Beesy gives a global vision of the current projects, allows easily the project managers to delegate their tasks and to follow them. The commercial can manage easily their timetable, their meetings, and stay in interaction with the project managers. Read more

The application which returns the effective meetings and the smile to the participants

[French Review]

Applications iPad prise de notes 15/05/12…Yes, the meeting mania is a disease. And indeed it could very quickly become a pleasure thanks to BeesApps, French start-up specialized in development of solutions for personal productivity in company. Their “revolution” is called Beesy :
– save time in meetings with easier note taking and decision logging
– save time right after the meeting with instant and professional meeting minutes
– save time in the follow-up process with automated To-Do from your notes.em>…
Read more

Beesy, the smart organization on your iPad

[French Review]

Applications iPad prise de notes 01/06/12Beesy is an iPad application of smart taking of note and interconnected with the iPad calendar and the address book of the iPad. At the same time digital memo pad and management tools of pushed project, Beesy has for objective to simplify at most the taking of notes to generate directly an exploitable report and a list of tasks to be made clear and readable for the employees. Read more

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