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Beesy and as an online project management tool, now allow for easy consolidation of critical business data and sharing among the different people within an organization.
Considering that more than 30% of our users actions are delegated to someone else, sharing this information more easily will greatly increase the daily productivity gains of the Beesy solution.

Beesy, a 10 mn Tutorial

Understand the underlying concept and master the main workflows

Action Template for Your Notes

Beesy features template-based iPad note taking to make it as simple as tapping a button to take notes.

Fast Note Taking and Actions

With Beesy, take your iPad notes easily, add notes, To-Do items and tasks directly in your business meeting.

Daily Management

Using different types of iPad Task views, you will focus on delivering your tasks, not updating them.

1 mn Meeting Minutes

With Beesy, you can instantly generate your meeting minutes from your meeting notes.

Reporting Tool

Beesy will help you understand how you spend time on your Project by looking at your To-Do list.

Project Management

Beesy lets you view your iPad To-Do list the way you want (project, people, task, goals, etc)

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