Beesy – iPad To-Do directly from your notes

iPad To-Do - beesy
iPad To-Do - beesy
iPad To-Do - beesy
iPad To-Do - beesy


Discover how our iPad To-Do app will save you time every day:


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    Manage iPad Task your own way

    Beesy lets you view your iPad To-Do the way you want:
    – Analyse your activity based on several angles: GTD, type of tasks, Importance/Urgency…
    – Understand what you’re doing good and where you can optimize
    – Benchmark yourself



A Real Business Tool for Really Busy People

Beesy is specifically designed for business people that handle team or projects on a regular basis.
It was designed as a time saving tool for various business situation:

  • save time in meetings with easier note taking and decision logging
  • save time right after the meeting with instant and professional meeting minutes
  • save time in the follow-up process with automated To-Do from your notes.

If you have experienced days full of meetings with customers, project follow-up or people review, Beesy is made for you.

Beesy can help anyone with a large number of meetings every week track their To-Do and follow-up on them.
It was designed to suite the needs of:

  • Managers of team that need to assign task to a large number of people and be able to efficiently lead their team
  • Project managers that handle a large number of project and need to be able to efficiently switch from one to the other
  • Sales people that handle a large number of customer and need to be able to efficiently serve them in the best possible way
  • Any other job position where meetings play an important part in your To-Do list, as Beesy will save you a lot of time by automatically generating your Todo list and follow-up on it.
Christopher Mesquita