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Newsletter n° 2 Wednesday, October 24th, 2012 french version
Hello to all,

After a busy september, BeesApps take the time to report on 7 months of activity and thousands of downloads...
International and Localization is our core target at the moment, with 44% of French speaking users, 42% of english speaking people and 8% Spanish. We opened our spanish website on monday and now provide Beesy in 9 different languages.
Committed to the continuous improvement of Beesy, we also analyzed your practices related to note taking and project management through our first satisfaction survey.

David Chevement

By David Chevènement,
CEO of BeesApps
Marchés et Usages

How to integrate iPad in the enterprise and a note-taking app?
Touch tablets, iPad at the top, are now used by 12% of professional, according to a recent study by Forrester.
Additional terminals more than substitution, they are particularly suitable for carrying out specific tasks in mobility, with two major advantages: usability and portability. Use encouraged by the multiplication of applications for work...

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A much more diverse Productivity Apps TOP 10
This last month has seen moves among the top 10 productivity apps for the iPad as new applications are emerging and they are neither for PDF management neither for note taking.
Those last 2 categories dropped in September, dividing their number by 2....

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Du nouveau pour Beesy

60% of our customers are still using the app
In September, we sent a satisfaction survey to Beesy users.
Their answers provided us with interesting insights on their usage, their habits, areas of improvement and the most anticipated features. We wished to share the most interesting figures with you...
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Business Case: Beesy in the construction industry
Discover how Nicolas, Deputy Head of Department in a subsidiary of a large construction group, use Beesy everyday to manage its business and improve its management efficiency by up to 80%...
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Beesy, exponential growth with a worldwide success !
Beesy increased its worldwide footprint to provide a larger audience to its taking notes application on iPad designed for professionals...
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Tip of the month: Your actions in private
When you take notes during a meeting, you can set an action (tasks, map, photos, event) to appear or not in your meeting minutes. By clicking on the icon of the corresponding action within your note you edit its parameters. Simply change the "Private" switch to match your need. For instance, by default, Beesy sets "Idea" and "Question" as private so they will not appear in your meeting minutes unless you enable it in the settings.

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