Beesy among the best productivity and business apps for iPad

The best productivity and business apps for iPad – App Annie’s figures


We are going to talk about best productivity and business apps, indeed since February 2012, the Top 10 productivity apps in the US Appstore have changed a lot.Half of the top 10 paid and grossing apps are note taking apps whereas for the top 10 free apps it’s a little bit less 40% of note taking apps.Interesting to note that note taking apps appears a lot in the top 10 of best productivity and business apps !

New apps are among the top ten producvitity apps. Agenda Calendar, Notes Plus and iAnnotate PDF in the paid apps. Remarks which was ranked in February, disappeared and Note Taker lost 3 places.

Regarding Apple apps (Page, Numbers and Keynote), 30% are ranked in paid apps and grossing apps. They still keep the best position.

Besides, there are some interesting figures :

  • 10% of free apps are for presenting slideshows: Slideshark
  • 20% of paid and grossing apps are for reading Office/PDF files: Good Reader and Documents to Go
best productivity and business apps for iPad
the best productivity and business apps for iPadProductivity apps’ ranking in French AppStore

What about Beesy?

Currently, Beesy is listed in the French TOP 20 productivity Appstore, everyone try to be the best productivity and business apps.

Beesy provides a smart note taking app that understands the underlying tasks and suppress unnecessary operations by:

  • Automating To-do lists from meetings
  • Enabling instant meeting minutes
  • Providing On-demand task management by people, project or type of action.

Beesy aims at providing 3 key benefits to the iPad business user:

    1.Saving time during meetings by using a fast and smart note taking engine understanding People, Projects and Actions.
    2.Saving time after meetings by automatically generating meeting minutes and To-Do lists from the user’s notes.
      3.Saving time in the task and project follow-up by providing users the
      best overview on their tasks depending on the context they’re in:

task management

    , project follow-up, people review…

Besides, in April, we launched a new version integrating the iPad address book, a new drawing engine and an in-App help.

A new release is currently under review by Apple and will provide some
key exciting features: automatic Audio recording, taking Photos, adding
them to notes and drawing on pictures.

For detailed information, click on Beesy’s features

Stay tuned for the next TOP 10.