Which Business Uses for iPad ?

The iPad is the most purchased tablet and used by consumers around the world: today it is not difficult to find a family member or a colleague who own one.

For a personal use, The uses for iPad is definitely leasure-oriented: watching videos, browsing the web, cheking emails, playing games …

But in the recent months, a phenomenon has been spreading in many companies around the world: the bring your own device (BYOD) era, the one where people use their personal iPad at work.
Initially, it was seen as a new buzz but as time passes, real uses arise through productivity gains with different daily applications.


Uses for iPad n°1 : Give Presentations

Tired of lugging your bulky laptop around just to give presentations? With the VGA Adapter and supporting software, as a business users, you can make use of the much more portable iPad for this task. A lot of softwares supports the VGA Adapter, like Apple’s own Keynote.
You just have to sync your presentation onto the iPad in advance, and if you create the presentation on the iPad, you will probably want be tthe first to check that the transferred files display as expected. Then you can make your presentation without obstacles between you and your audience with greater mobility watch is an undeniable business uses.
Beesy - Best Business Uses for iPad


Uses for iPad n°2 : Use as a sale’s Brochure

Beesy - Best Business Uses for iPad Be a 2.0 salesman by loading all your sales brochures or other printed documents onto your iPad. This is the end of your stack of heavy sales brochures.
This change requires a bit of work for firms to convert the requisite promotional materials as image files. However, once the work is done, the sales is better equipped to sell their products as the modern way that can also seduce your customers.
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Uses for iPad n°3 : Acces desktop files

Who can say he never had to turn back because he needed some documents on its office after leaving the office for a meeting?
Today, a lot of solutions are available that allow you to synchronize your work files with a cloud-based solution. From there, all your notes / documents files can then be accessed from your iPad using the appropriate apps Evernote, Dropbox, or even Apple’s own iDisk.
Beesy - Best Business Uses for iPad


Uses for iPad n°4 : Access Company e-mail

Beesy - Best Business Uses for iPad How to talk about business uses for iPad if we don’t mention e-mail access, one very practical feature of the iPad. You can connect your iPad not just on a POP servers, but also to an Exchange Server or IMAP-based mail server.
From there, you can: access and read your e-mails, but also able to perform basic folder management and filing tasks. Moreover, the iPad’s large screen and ability to render HTML e-mails in high definition allows you to use their inbox at practically the same productivity level as from your desktop.


Uses for iPad n°5 : Take notes on meetings

Taking notes during meetings is ONE of the most important business uses for iPad. Most professionals currently lose a lot of time taking meeting notes, and effectively following-up on actions taken during the meeting.
Our user currently save an outstanding 30 minutes per day by addressing this issue with our App.
Beesy provides a smart note taking app that understands the underlying tasks and suppresses unnecessary operations.
It addresses 3 main pain points of business meetings:
Quickly take notes during meetings and do not miss critical information.
Send instant meeting minutes right after the meeting in less than a minute
Easily follow-up on actions with a powerful To-Do organizer reusing 100% of your notes and your calendar.Here, you can read all Beesy features.
Beesy - Best Business Uses for iPad


Increase Productivity

This list is not exhaustive, but these few business uses for the iPad lets you take your office with you.

Beesy - Best Business Uses for iPad Beesy - Best Business Uses for iPadBeesy - Best Business Uses for iPad