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    Beesy comes with an integrated drag & drop feature.
    To use it, use 2 fingers on an item in Beesy and start dragging.
    You can drag topics, participants, meetings, projects, people.
    What’s the benefit ? Beesy will try to understand what you’re trying to do and automatically configure the task item accordingly.

    Let’s take a few example:
    – when inside a note, you can drag and drop an action item on a note topic. This will automatically assign this task to this topic. You can drag and drop the topic on the task as well.
    – when inside a note, you can drag and drop a participant on a task to assign it to this participant. If you have a lot of contact in your contact list, this is a useful shortcut as participants are more likely to be the owner of an action inside a meeting
    – when looking at all your notes, you can drag and drop one action from a note to another note. Beesy will reaffect this action to the note. You can do the same in the project and the people view.

    So do not forget to use your 2 fingers as it can save you a lot of time to reorganize your activity portfolio

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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