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    Since you now moved from beta (free testing) to operative (paid), I would like to point out some improvement suggestions:

    1. Languages
    Since is currently only available in French/English, it creates some issues when the ipad app is running in a different language.
    Can you communicate, when you will launch additional languages (German in my case) and/or advise, how to change the language in the ipad app?
    (One example for mentioned issues: each task created over the web is added with the “default standard project” which is named differently in the localized German language)

    2. Different Service Plans
    First I need to state, that I do not find the service plans self explaining. The clear differences and which package builds up on which package is not obvious to me.

    I would further strongly suggest, that you add a field “company” if someone wants to start a business plan for the invoice address.
    (in our case: If the company is not mentioned on the invoice – we can not address the VAT)

    Even further I ask you to start – beside the monthly plans – also yearly plans (with a reduction would be nice, like 10 for 12 month 🙂 – its unnecessary workload to manage reimbursements month per month instead of once per year.

    3. Adding assistant role

    I would like to have my assistant login in with her own user/password, so that she can work on items and can mark changes/taken actions.

    4. Last but not least an suggestion

    Each new added action starts with “zu erledigen” (= to do) in German. Why?
    Using the action button creates the actions clearly shown with the symbol in front – no need for additional text.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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