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Known issues for Beesy 1.45

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    Dear Users,

    We’ve just launched the 1.45 release.
    This post will try to list the known issues in this version:
    – some of you have been experiencing issues with 1.44 at launch. When upgrading to 1.45, it can happen that your internal Beesy version remain in 1.44 . To solve the issue, fully close Beesy so that it does not remain as a background app, fully restart your iPad and upgrade to 1.45 again.
    – If Beesy does not have access to your calendar, it can crash when you try to select a calendar in the App settings. Work-around: go to your iPad settings / privacy and give Beesy access to your calendars.
    – For the new summary reports in the minutes, there have been an error in our release. Beesy can crash if somehow one of your project has no name. This will be corrected in a future release. In the meantime, if it fails, simply name all unnamed projects or disable the summary report.
    – Audio Record: there is an issue with the new settings that disable audio recording when leaving Beesy and coming back. This is corrected in 1.46 already submitted to Apple. Work-around: you have to restart Beesy if you want to make sure audio record is activated.

    Thank you for your comprehension and patience,
    Kind regards,
    The BeesApps team

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