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    Michelle LaPointe

    I would dearly love to get back the old functionality of forwarding to email, where the text of the email appeared in the body of the action.

    Now forwarded email saves as an attached .eml document, which opens in an email app. So to read it I have to open it, then hit “cancel”, then “Delete Draft” to go back to the action. It takes several steps to see what’s in the email instead of just being able to glance at it in my task list.

    The other option, of course, is to follow the whole .eml procedure, select the text, copy it, cancel > delete draft > paste into the body of the action. Or you can type a note into each action hinting at the email’s contents.

    It’s a big waste of time that’s miserable when you have a lot of emails to process. It also slows down productivity considerably because you have to open each email right away to make a note about what’s in it. If you wait until you are working in the project, you’re faced with a long list of blank actions. You have to then open each one to see what’s in it, whether or not that task is immediately important.

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