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+ Mail to Task Basic.

A Powerful Productive Tool for Business or Individual users

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Beesy.me Sync

  • Beesy.me Free.
  • Unlimited Number of Actions.
  • Unlimited Backup and secure of all your critical data.
  • 1Gb / month media upload.
  • Save your Notes and Attachments.
  • Mail to Task Basic.
  • Manage 1 project.
  • Create Notes & Send Minutes.
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Beesy.me Pro

  • Beesy.me Free.
  • Unlimited number of projects.
  • Project & people reports.
  • Note Templates.
  • Project Templates.
  • Archive notes & projects.
  • Attachements on notes and projects.
  • Logo on Minutes.
  • Daily / Weekly reports.
  • Mail to Task Premium.
  • Timeline analysis.
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Beesy.me Team

  • Share Projects & Goals with your team members.
  • Share notes with participants.
  • Automatically delegate actions to team members.
  • Receive automated updates.
  • Automated reminder.
  • Deployment support.
  • Team training and on-boarding assistance.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Beesy’s pricing work?

Beesy subscription is simple and straightforward. We have two individual options (Sync & Pro), and for businesses we base our prices on the number of people you have in your Beesy organization. As your organization grows, you are entitled to volume discounts. Feel free to contact us for more informations.

How long am I locked in for?

You have the choice between two options!
You can pick between a monthly or an annual subscription. If you choose a long-term commitment, we offer 20% discount on the annual subscription. You are free to renew or suspend your subscription at the end of each billing period.

What forms of payment do you accept?

You have to purchase Beesy monthly licences by Paypal. For annual subscriptions for over 5 members, you can pay by bank transfer.
Please contact us to arrange a purchase invoice.

How secure is Beesy?

Protecting your Beesy data is our first priority.
Everything you or your organization post to Beesy is private.
Feel free to read our privacy policy.

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