Import and read PDF files on iPad with Beesy 1.50

Import and read PDF files on iPad, a vector of productivity for professionals?

Possess a working tool for sharing instantly PDF files is more than welcome in our business activities.

One of the most appreciated by professionals for sharing PDF files, is in shape and visual. It is true that when we share information is presented in an interactive way, it is easier to keep in mind the key message.

Import and read PDF files on iPad allow to quickly share informations during meetings, projecting them and make a space for exchange among participants.

Why ?
It is important to ensure that the message, you wish to convey, is the same for all participants and thus keep some dynamism during the meeting. To do this, file sharing must be clear when you expose their views and aims at meetings.

How ?

Any professional having a meeting to prepare with documents to share, cannot escape this following steps:
print necessary documents for each participant, so that all have their own copy. This means a loss of time and an important waste of paper,
bring these documents on the meeting. You have to added the weight of all professional business necessary,
distribute the documents before the meeting. Further loss of time before every beginning meeting,
note the remarks / comments / suggestions directly on the document,
centralize all comments made during the meeting. You have to take each participants remarks and summarize the key points and be sure to not forgot one of them,
at the end of the meeting, integrate all annotations, take all remarks to integrate them into the original document,
send the meeting minutes to ensure that all participants receive the final meeting minutes.
import and read PDF files on iPad

Many have gone through this process. In addition, most participants did not take the time to carefully read the documents that have been shared, not to mention paper documents that may be lost etc… This is to deal with all these inconveniences that we have built Beesy 1.50, with the import and read PDF files on iPad feature. This new feature allow you to improve your performance and productivity in a meeting until its conclusion.

How Beesy optimizes this worflow?

You import your PDF document in Beesy. Once in a meeting, you project your PDF directly via VGA or Apple TV, so all participants are aware of the document and follow the same pace as you.
Import and read PDF files on iPad with Beesy 1.50
In addition to import and read PDF files on iPad, Beesy allows you at any time, to annotate comments and remarks on the sidelines of your PDF document. This will allow you to centralize these annotations and synthesize all the feedback in one place.
Consideration of these returns can be assigned to a particular participant and when the meeting ends, in one click, you can send your meeting minutes with all comments and the document in attachment. Thus, all participants have a record of what was said during the meeting and the person assigned has only to follow the meeting minutes to process returns …

Beesy 1.50 facilitates the exchange during your meetings, now it’s possible to keep a traceability of the document update and return to all the comments to check if everything been taken into account at the next meeting.

Import and read PDF files on iPad with Beesy 1.50

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Import and read PDF files on iPad with Beesy 1.50 Import and read PDF files on iPad with Beesy 1.50Import and read PDF files on iPad with Beesy 1.50