8 Steps to Manage your Time

Do you ever feel like you never have enough time on your hands, that your day goes by in one go and you wished your week could be in ten days instead of seven? How to manage your time is a real, important skill.
Having a long and full to-do list can be overwhelming and by consequence hard to accomplish.
According to Carson Tate: “Daily planning is designed to focus your attention on your top priorities for the day, ensuring that you have a laser-like focus on what you want to accomplish during the day.”It is interesting to get your work done and staying focused, now how shall we do that?

  • Make a list
  • Plan your day
  • Focus on your most productive time of day
  • Compete with the clock
  • Track your work
  • Use technology
  • Block out other distractions
  • Take breaks and refresh

With Beesy you can get all the help you need to get organized and to stay productive.
As we said above using technology is important to help us manage our time.
Thanks to Beesy you will be able to:

  • Have access to your online todo list
  • Use a Dashboard to priorities your actions
  • Set a date for the most important tasks
How to manage your time


Life Hacks, Tips and Tricks on How to Manage Your Time

How to manage your time 01/05/15- “How To Make Monday As Productive As Tuesday” via FastCompany – “The Bangles may have sung of “Manic Mondays,” but Tuesday is really the day when stuff gets done. According to a recent survey by the staffing company Accountemps on employee productivity, 39% of HR managers said that Tuesday was generally the best day for their employees. That beat Monday (24%)…” keep reading


One-More-Task-Every-Day 04/05/15 – “Do One Extra Task Every Single Day” via TimeManagementNinja – “You’re never going to get to the end of your todo list. (Nor should you…) However, before you call it a day, resolve to do one more task. Just One Extra Step What could you accomplish if you completed just one extra task? One extra step every day…” keep reading


How to manage your time 05/05/15- “Information To Help You With Time Management” via Effective Leadership – “Managing your time is an important skill to possess. Poor skills result in rushing around finishing tasks, wasted effort and unnecessary stress. With the right…” keep reading


How 06/05/15 – “Time Management Advice That Can Really Help” via Effective Leadership – “Every day is only 24 hours long, yet it often seems like there are not enough hours in the day. If you are the type of person who constantly feels rushed to get things accomplished, then this article is what you need. Here, you will find…” keep reading


How to manage your time 07/05/15 – “Why Daily Planning is Critical for Focus, Attention & Top Priorities” via LinKedin- “Recent business news reported that prominent companies like Walmart and Starbucks are starting to think consciously about how they schedule their employees’ work shifts. Why?…” keep reading

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