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Manage with serinity

Boost the performance of your business by managing your projects and your steering committees in a collaborative solution. This provides you with all the information in real time to make decisions and act quickly. Involve your collaborators in your strategy, sharing your vision and with an optimized communication. Enjoy 100% effective steering committees and meetings by easily managing decisions and action plans.


Exceed your customers’ expectations by re-inventing the management of your missions

You are often confronted with the problem of managing your missions and consultants remotely.
Your Beesy Assistant offers you the possibility to improve visibility on the progress of your consultants’ missions. Automate your processes, capitalizing on and spreading best practices with Beesy. Simplify communication without overloading your mailboxes.


Let the LEADS race begin 

Manage your commercial activity from Beesy with a complete and structured vision of both your sales representatives’ activity and the progress of your customer projects. Beesy also offers you the possibility to support the performance of your sales representatives by managing your specific sales processes in the tool. All your customer information or business transactions can be viewed even when travelling without an Internet connection.


Project Management made EASY 

You spend a lot (too much?) of time in meetings and bringing together project teams. Beesy is the collaborative solution that allows you to monitor the progress of your projects and automate your reporting, but also to effectively manage your meetings. Thanks to Beesy, don’t waste any more time after each meeting writing reports or action lists.


Steer your operations safe and sound

You need a good vision of your business in order to make the best decisions: refine your strategy and manage your productivity calmly by gathering your team and all the information related to your priorities, action plans and projects, around a single collaborative tool. Risks and challenges are identified by all your employees, deadlines are controlled and your customers are satisfied.

Technical Teams, IT Teams, Communication and Marketing teams, and many others also use Beesy every day.

And you, when do you start ?

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